Sunday, November 16, 2008

No One Wants My Roosters...

Our last 'hold-out' for a hen has been dashed... One by one it became apparent that the 89 cents a piece chickens that we bought last spring were roosters... so much for our hen/egg laying venture... as it turns out, the ONLY hen we have, is the one we got for the one barred rock rooster we traded for her. So, the kids take turns gathering the egg(singular) ever day. Some days we get lucky and she'll leave us two...

So, initially I got really lucky in offering my roosters on our local Freecycle site and had two people that had lots of land and some lonely hens that they wanted to find "company" for... so I made two of our roosters VERY happy... off they went. When we discovered more roosters I once again turned to freecycle, and the only response I got was from a gal who suggested that I take them out to the local wild bird rescue center at the college, and they would take my roosters to use as "live bait" for the rehabilitating birds... uuuuhhhh... Okay, I realize "circle of life" and all that, but I guess we are just terrible "farmers" when it comes to that aspect, and the kids were kind of freaking, as these roosters have pretty much been "pets" to them. SSSssoooo...

I modified my posts to read something like:

"Offer: Roosters. Fairly tame. Would appreciate them not being taken for fighting or eating. Would appreciate you telling me that you just have some lonely hens that need company. what I don't know, won't hurt me!"

I've posted and re-posted 3 times now, with no response... *sigh* I'm not sure what we're going to do, now... The incessant crowing beginning at 3:15 each morning (not to mention the "crowing-wars" that take place throughout the day) is becoming more and more frustrating and I'm worried that we're really ticking off our neighbors... (though no one has said anything, yet...) My sister suggested that we advertise them for Thanksgiving... I'm starting to second guess the whole "not for eating" idea... We just need to get rid of them.

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Occultus Matris said... dad had a pet rooster for awhile...his family needed it for food and one day it went "missing." I guess if you don't know what the new owners do with it you won't be lying to the kids about it not being eaten.

I feel for you on the crowing. A family who lives above us on a hill had one for the first 6 months we lived here and it would start just about 3, 330am with the crowing.