Saturday, May 30, 2009

With Friends Like This, Who Needs Enemies?....

My sister alerted me to this piece of brilliance....

Writer Removed from Near Air Force One at LAX

If you don't want to bother going to the link, the story is about a "Roman Catholic Priestess" and her protesting "Same Sex Marriage".... yeah... great... the irony... Obviously, that's not ALL she's "protesting"....

Okay, I'm sure she is a very nice lady (Honestly, I don't know, but I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt...) and I appreciate her "zeal" in her defence of marriage being between one man and one woman... but it just shows me how much these people that claim to be "Catholic" but choose to practice their own version of it, just really don't get it. If there is something about Catholicism that you don't understand or agree with, research it. Pray about it. Ask someone that knows, not someone that is going to promote their own agenda... It's a BIG Church and an open book... It really isn't too difficult, if you really want to find Truth... But then again, if you are more interested in molding the Church into your own version, then I guess you can. It's a free country(for now, anyway...).... Just don't call it "Catholic" aka: "universal", as in "in line with the Magesterium, and Her teachings, under the guidance and leadership of our Holy Father the Pope despite WHERE in the world you find it", when it's not....

Friday, May 29, 2009

It's Sad to Think That It's Come to This...

But the Thomas More Society has actually assembled a legal team of Notre Dame Alumni to defend friend and author Jane Brennan with Laura Rohling against trespassing charges on Notre Dames campus... I'm still wondering 'HOW does this make sense??'...

Notre Dame: Prosecutor Presses Trespass Charges
Against Pro-life Advocates

Clarion Herald (
Chicago-based Thomas More Society assembles a Fighting Irish legal defense

NOTRE DAME (Christian Newswire) - Thomas More Society attorneys
appeared in St. Joseph County Criminal Court to defend two prominent pro-life advocates against trespass charges brought this morning by local prosecutors in the wake of protests at the University of Notre Dame.

Laura Rohling and Jane Brennan went onto the Notre Dame campus to educate students about the after-effects of abortion, based on their own personal experiences with abortion. Ms. Brennan, author of "Motherhood Interrupted," is a frequent guest on Catholic TV and radio. She serves as regional coordinator in Colorado of "Silent No More," a group which brings public attention to the plight of women who have experienced emotional and other pain after abortion. Ms. Rohling serves as assistant regional coordinator of that group.

"The Thomas More Society is urging the University to request that these trespass charges be dropped," said Tom Brejcha, President and Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Society. "Such a magnanimous gesture will go far toward healing the divisions that have arisen between Notre Dame and the pro-life movement, in light of recent events."

The Society has assembled an all-"Fighting Irish" team, including President and Chief Counsel Thomas Brejcha, Notre Dame class of '65,
Executive Director Peter Breen, Notre Dame Law class of '00, and South Bend attorney David Wemhoff, Notre Dame class of '79, in defense of Ms. Rohling and Ms. Brennan.

"What's vitally needed is dialogue about pro-life issues of abortion, stem-cell research, euthanasia, marriage, as well as about capital
punishment and peace issues rather than confrontation in South Bend's criminal court," Brejcha continued. "The pro-life movement is the next stage of America's civil rights movement, and Notre Dame is not Birmingham.

" The Thomas More Society has a history of partnership with the University of Notre Dame. The late Fr. Ned Joyce, former Executive Vice President of the University, was a regular financial supporter of the Society. Fr. Theodore Hesburgh, former President of the University, wrote fundraising letters in support of the Thomas More Society's successful defense of peaceable, non-violent abortion protests in
the landmark United States Supreme Court case, NOW v. Scheidler.

More can be found at Catholic Online.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jon and Kate Plus Eight... give or take...

Broken families make me sad... My 6, almost 7 year old used to love to watch the TLC show, Jon and Kate Plus Eight. I have to admit that at first, even I would get a kick out of watching the antics of raising a set of twins and sextuplets under one roof, and even admired how Jon and Kate seemed to work so well together to raise their little ones... True, as a Catholic, I have some definite opinions about using fertility methods that usually are the cause of these multiple pregnancies, but after the fact, it's not really the child's fault of HOW they got here. So, that being said, watching this show, in the beginning, I was attracted to how this large family had become such a hit, in how they work together and make things "work"... Although I had lost interest in the last couple of seasons because it seemed to become more about "Jon and Kate take vacation comp trips with their kids all the time..."... How is THAT reality?... No, seriously, in "reality" especially with a big family, you just can't take vacations all the time. Every family is NOT asked to take a 'comp' trip to anywhere from Disney world to Hawaii week after week...

Now any of you that watch the show, if you'll recall the beginning of just LAST season, the opening was all about the family returning to Hawaii to renew their wedding vows, and it was all about showing and assuring their growing children that they (Jon and Kate) were together FOREVER... Now, this season opens with quite the opposite... I watched it, hesitantly after everyone else had gone to bed and it just made me so sad... I really don't "know" these people... other than what is allowed to show through the TV screen on Monday nights... Kate is a little bit OCD and Jon is pretty laid back... as different as their personalities could be, they seemed to fit one another and work it through... but now, for whatever reason, they can't seem to, anymore... why?... In my humble opinion, if it were MY family, whether the rumors were true or not, the show would be over... at this point it seems that it is all about the money and how much everyone can make on this show, this family, these children...

By their own admission, Jon quit his job two years ago, so that he could stay home full time with the kids, while Kate traveled the globe promoting her book... Their "show", their "hobby" had become the "job"... sadly, it's almost like they sold their souls... We were no longer looking "in" on their day to day lives, but the show had become their lives... While Kate seems to have taken to this new "job" I think Jon, down deep, was seeing real "reality"and regretting it... The premier show last night had the two now speaking to each other in terms of "I don't know if we can fix this" or "where our future is going", etc... yet they are both all about "I'm here for the kids", "the kids are our top priority"... and I'm thinking, "You stupid, stupid people... don't you KNOW that 10 and 20 years from now the kids aren't going to give a flying flip about the show or how or where they lived or how much money or fame they had because of the show??! They will care about their family... their PARENTS... they will care and be affected by whether or not the family stays in tact over this..." I don't care HOW amicable a couple thinks they are being in a split up... if kids are involved, they WILL be affected negatively... I think that was even in the closing lines of last nights show... about trying to remain friends for the sake of their kids... it doesn't matter... kids aren't stupid and they can read the writing on the wall... Kids want mom and dad together forever...

I found myself praying for this family as I went to sleep last night, and again this morning, as well as all families that are in turmoil right now... broken families really make me sad... and the kids are always the biggest casualty... And these eight particular children unfortunately have their families turmoil recorded for all of history... was it worth it?... Something I have heard before, and I'm not really sure who said it, but I believe it with all my heart:

"The greatest gift that a father/mother can give his child(ren) is to love their mother/father"... Jon and Kate seem like nice enough people, I really hope that they figure this out before it's too late... Life is not a TV show and sometimes it can get messy... That's when we have to close the door and hit the floor praying for His strength to help us through...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bed Time Prayers...

Reading up on Matt Archibald at the Creative Minority Report reminded me how good it is to have some routine in life... Sure, routine can get boring or monotonous or pick another similar word to insert here... but routine brings security and peace in knowing that somethings shouldn't change...

In case you haven't noticed (I have...) I haven't posted a whole lot of what's been going on in my home life as of late... I guess because life has just been so crazy... We've been trying to finish out our school year, trying to do some house cleaning and re-organizing (yeah, right... ), trying to pre-qualify for a house, and hoping and praying that God will find us the "perfect" home, once we get the other stuff out of the way... Trying to occupy a two year old, juggle an infant, and get some semblance of school work out of the older three on top of this, it's been a bit stressful...

The economy is bad (like you haven't noticed : ] ) and since Tuesday's election, $2 billion more will be cut from education... and while my hubby isn't a teacher of children, he IS a teacher of school bus drivers, in charge of training those that pick up your children and take them to school... So, yeah, it's a little scary to think about his future job prospects, especially in light of our trying to buy a home...

I know, we aren't the only ones affected... Jobs ALL OVER are in jeopardy... I have to sit and wonder WHERE IN THE WORLD is the future of this STATE headed?... Thank God for my Faith! Because i honestly don't know HOW ELSE I could see ANY good out of any of this! It would be SO EASY to get down and depressed... Sometimes i do... But right now, I'm not... I get frustrated, but not hopeless. In my heart, I know that God is still in control here, and the best thing I can do for my self and my family, right now is to stay grounded to Him... and in return, He grants me little tid-bits of light, here and there, of where I can actually SEE His work... in me, in my family... Which brings me back to routine...

I went to put the two year old to bed the other night, after an especially trying day... Not much sleep the night before, dealing with screaming, crying kids through most of the day, lots of teasing and just general orneriness going on. It was bed time and I wanted nothing more than to just put them all to bed and have some quiet time before I fell asleep, myself. I took the 2 year old to the bathroom, had her use the potty, I cleaned her up with a wash cloth, threw a diaper on her because I didn't want to have to get up with "accidents", walked her to her room, put her in the bed, covered her up, almost zombie like, on my part, turned out the light and started to close the door.... "Mom-mom! Mom-mom!"

"What, #2?... Go to sleep! Mommy's tired!..."

"Mom-mom, mmem..."

Though she is starting to talk a lot more, it still takes some skill to translate, so I said, "uh-huh... good... go to sleep..." and started to shut her door...

"Mom-mom! mmem..."

"What are you talking about?.. Mommy's tired!" I looked at her this time and there she was sitting up, giving her best effort to do the sign of the cross, mumbling and finishing off with "mmem", translated "Amen", then folding her hands, waiting for me to say prayers with her...

oops... forgive me Father... So, tired as I was, I went to her bedside, knelt down and began "Angel of God, my guardian dear..." and she mumbled her way through every word, with a resounding "Mmmemm!" at the end, then leaning forward with lips puckered for a kiss, says, "luv-oo"... and rolled over fast asleep, probably before I was able to haul my fat, tired fanny up off the floor! lol... "I love you too, sweetie... have nice dreams..."

yeah... routines are good... And God is still in control... and He'll use the smallest among us to remind us! : ) Amen and amen!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

In Local News...

There are some things that happen in life that really cause me to cry out and ask God, "WHY??!! What POSSIBLE "good" could come from this??!!"

A warning to those that choose to read this entire article. It is quite graphic... Please pray for this child, and his family... The image has haunted me since I first heard of it on the news... May God have MERCY...

Father Accused of Eating Child's Eyes Out

Monday, May 18, 2009

I've Said it Before and I'll Say it AGAIN, "Just BE Catholic!"

On Catholic Complacency in America....

"Some Catholics in both political parties are deeply troubled by these issues. But too many Catholics just don’t really care. That’s the truth of it. If they cared, our political environment would be different. If 65 million Catholics really cared about their faith and cared about what it teaches, neither political party could ignore what we believe about justice for the poor, or the homeless, or immigrants, or the unborn child. If 65 million American Catholics really understood their faith, we wouldn’t need to waste each other’s time arguing about whether the legalized killing of an unborn child is somehow ‘balanced out’ or excused by three other good social policies.We need to stop over-counting our numbers, our influence, our institutions and our resources, because they’re not real. We can’t talk about following St. Paul and converting our culture until we sober up and get honest about what we’ve allowed ourselves to become. We need to stop lying to each other, to ourselves and to God by claiming to ‘personally oppose’ some homicidal evil -- but then allowing it to be legal at the same time." --Archbishop Chaput

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fr. Weslin Arrested at Notre Dame

This brings tears to my eyes... If this doesn't cause you to recognize the Spiritual Battle that we are in and cause you to pick up your rosary to pray, I don't know what will...

h/t to WICatholic

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An Open Letter to Fr. Jenkins...

From two women that really deserve an answer... Thanks, Janie and Laura! We are SO proud of you!

Letter from Two Catholic Women Arrested at Notre Dame
Catholic Online (

We held signs that say “I Regret My Abortion”. We also gave our testimonies and prayed the Rosary with other Catholics who supported us.

An Open Letter to Fr. John Jenkins
University of Notre Dame

Dear Fr. Jenkins,

We are writing this letter to you in hopes that you can clear something up for us.

We are two Catholic women who reside in the State of Colorado. We made tragic mistakes in our younger years by having abortions. We came to the University of Notre Dame last Friday, May 8, to witness to the harm caused to us by our “choice.” We held signs that say “I Regret My Abortion”. We also gave our testimonies and prayed the Rosary with other Catholics who supported us.

We did this in hopes of saving young women years of pain, shame and guilt. We did this because college aged women have the most abortions. We did this because we wanted these young women to know that women deserve better than abortion and that women can achieve the things that they want without having their babies killed. We did this because we believe in the fundamental right to life of all human beings who are created in the image and likeness of God which is a dogmatic teaching of the Catholic Church.

We have both attended Project Rachel and Rachel’s Vineyard retreats – both Catholic healing programs for those suffering from abortion. We then joined “The Silent No More Awareness campaign”, a program sponsored by a Catholic Priest – Fr. Frank Pavone.

In all of these programs we were taught about the acceptance and mercy of God and our fellow Catholics. Also, in these programs we were encouraged to seek the counsel of a Catholic Priest – that they would help us to find redemption in the sacrament of reconciliation. We were also encouraged to share our stories so that the Catholic community and the greater community at large could hear first hand of the devastating effects of abortion.

While speaking these truths on Friday we were issued a Trespass Notice by security officers hired by the University that in part states “The University has the right to tell us that we are not wanted on University property.”

Imagine our shock after receiving this notice and being barred from speaking further, we were arrested and thrown in jail. We spent the day in a holding cell until we posted a $250 bond. As we now understand things, we are awaiting news as to whether the charges against us will be misdemeanor trespassing or a felony. This happened all because we wanted the students to know through our stories how devastating abortion is to women.

We are confused, Fr. Jenkins. Why would a Catholic University bar Catholic women from speaking the truth about a fundamental Catholic teaching, under the signage of a healing program that is sponsored by a Catholic priest, while praying the Rosary? Yet, the University would welcome, honor and have a person speak at Commencement who is virulently opposed to this same fundamental Catholic teaching?

Fr. Jenkins can you please explain this to us?
We look forward to your response.

Jane Brennan, MS
Laura Rohling
Centennial, CO

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Who Needs Enemies?...

Christians (Catholics included) are birth controlling ourselves right out of existance! Pay attention, because these statistics are alarming!

From the Crossroads Initiative

By today's standards, the secular agenda is trying to convince us that our children are the problem when in reality they are the only future Hope that we have!

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Latest Ad from

This is the latest video from, and with any luck will be airing during the season finale night of American Idol.

Thanks to the girls at Defining Beauty!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fr. John Corapi on Notre Dame Scandal

The REALITY of Abortion Hits ND Campus

The latest from Jill Staneck and World Net Daily is that the consciences at Notre Dame are being challenged, and they don't like it, one bit. I like how the liberals like to blame people that believe in a person's Right to LIFE.... referring to us as "Abortion haters" and all... But could someone tell me WHO "loves" abortion??!! No one, does... Some love the "power" and politics behind abortion... When they are faced with WHAT abortion actually IS and LOOKS LIKE, nope.... they don't like it... and they don't want to acknowledge the reality... It's much easier to use "words" like "anti-abortion" and "abortion-hater"... after all, if WE use words to refer to them as "anti-life" or "pro-death" they scoff, and you will NEVER hear the media use the terms... It's all about the words... You've heard the term, "if words could kill"?... This one actually does.... Check out the entire article at the above link...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's Time... The Lines are Being Drawn...

You know, I haven't had a whole lot of time to blog these last few weeks, but I have been following and listening closely to the Obama/Notre Dame controversy, and even engaging in dialogues with ND alumni. One of the arguments, and I can totally understand, is that Obama's visit to the campus should not take away the honor due to the graduates and their "moment to shine" on their graduation day. I can totally understand that these graduates worked hard for their degrees and deserve to be recognized for this esteemed accomplishment.... But really, are we not at war, here?... Lines are being drawn in the sand ALL AROUND us and "Sparky himself" is asking "WHAT are YOU going to DO about it?!" What side are we on?...

No disrespect for the graduates, but like a wedding day, graduation is ONE day... What will you do with the REST of your life?... Despite what career path we will take, God asks us continuously, WHERE does HE fit in?... What are we going to do in order to remain close to Him?! Sure, we can say "what's the big deal?... let's 'dialogue'" or, "IF Obama was really aware of the controversy he was causing, I'd like to think he'd bow out..." yeah... I've actually heard that one... Are you kidding me?! The man KNOWS EXACTLY what he's doing! He is VERY AWARE of the controversy he is causing... Fr. Jenkins is VERY AWARE of the controversy this is causing, though I'm not sure that he knew that it would cause AS MUCH as has been demonstrated...

And then there are those who fan the flames with typical secular media rhetoric... claiming that "Violent pro-life advocates" are the problem, storming the campus by the thousands, compromising the Presidents safety.... One alumni that I've spoken with made reference to the thousands demonstrators that will be BLOCKING the families from going to their son or daughters graduation... This isn't about keeping families from their kids graduation! It is about the SCANDAL that Fr. Jenkins and President Obama are bringing to Notre Dame and her graduates!! Graduation is still two weeks away! How can they even write about something that hasn't even happened? This is about the opportunity, especially for the graduates, to stand and say, "I am Catholic and I STAND on the side of LIFE at all stages and there is no other option. I am NOT going to stand for this disregard to my core beliefs in Faith that SHOULD BE protected and defended on this Catholic University Campus...." THAT would be their real moment to shine....

Pro-life means valuing ALL life... from conception until natural death... yes... even the President's.... I pray for him to have a change of heart.... I pray for his soul... But, for right now, he has done nothing during his time in office to show me that he is in defence of preserving all human life. He has actually done quite the opposite with his rescinding of the Mexico City Policy, funding abortions over seas with my tax dollars , funding of embryonic stem cell research, his intentions with FOCA, and his reference to unplanned babies as a "mistake" that can be rubbed out, and the multiple (Catholic) anti-life appointments to his cabinet, to name just a few.... He, and this administration have drawn the lines, and we can't remain silent. I really appreciate what Ann Scheidler had to say at the end of this video...

Monday, May 4, 2009

Pig Flu...

I am of the mindset that as terrible as the Swine Flu epidemic is, I don't believe that it is as catastrophic in the US as the news media would like us to think... It seems the first 5 + minutes of every newscast is packed with the latest Swine Flu updates.... I believe that it's just the secular media trying to convince us of how devestating this COULD be and how well this current administration is taking care of us... ppphhhhttthh... whatever... If you're sick, stay home. Wash your hands, don't spread your germs.... All good practices that we should have as habits, anyway.... I guess what really annoys me is how quickly our own parishes/dioceses are to jump on the "political bandwagon" when it comes to these sorts of things.

What I mean is that, some bishops are slow to "do anything" in order to avoid adverse reactions when it comes to defending our Church and our Faith. Some are afraid to "make waves" in their own parishes and diocese when sometimes horrible liturgical abuses are going on... yet, the moment the media sets everyone in to a tail spin of swine flu madness, immediately directives are being sent out to not only stop distributing the Precious Blood, but the Eucharist MUST be received in the hand (I don't know about you, but I touch a lot less with my tongue than I do with my hands... and anyone with young children knows that their hands don't stay clean for long...) until this passes.... this was particularly tough for me, because my two oldest boys, ages 10 and 13, have always been told to receive on the tongue. I try to remind them and show them and teach them the beauty, dignity and respect to be given to Jesus in the most Holy Eucharist. I have grown tired of seeing so many young people shuffle up to communion seemingly without giving the least thought to receiving Our Lord as anything other than their obligatory "snack" sometimes just pulling their hands from pockets at the last moment, then "popping' the host in to their mouths... nope... I told my kids that they can receive on the tongue. Jesus' body was meant to be consumed, not 'popped'... Nothing against adults that choose to receive this way. My husband does. I understand that it is a choice allowed by the Church and can be done properly and reverently... I have more issue with the young... I feel that it can take away from the reverence and mystery that the Eucharist is supposed to instill in us. But again, that is my opinion....

Anyway, knowing the Monsignor of our Parish was going to read the Bishop's letter explaining the "temporary" new guidelines, we had to explain to our sons how to receive Jesus in their hands... But if that wasn't enough, the Bishop also decided that the Holy Water Fonts should also be emptied... : ( I'm sorry, but I thought that that was just going a little bit too far... My two year old was especially annoyed by this when she went to reach for the font, only to find the empty ring that holds the bowl in place... After that, when we went to sit down in our pew, she tried to say something to me that I couldn't quite "translate" but I'm pretty sure it was something about how the Bishop was going to hear from her.... : ]