Monday, May 4, 2009

Pig Flu...

I am of the mindset that as terrible as the Swine Flu epidemic is, I don't believe that it is as catastrophic in the US as the news media would like us to think... It seems the first 5 + minutes of every newscast is packed with the latest Swine Flu updates.... I believe that it's just the secular media trying to convince us of how devestating this COULD be and how well this current administration is taking care of us... ppphhhhttthh... whatever... If you're sick, stay home. Wash your hands, don't spread your germs.... All good practices that we should have as habits, anyway.... I guess what really annoys me is how quickly our own parishes/dioceses are to jump on the "political bandwagon" when it comes to these sorts of things.

What I mean is that, some bishops are slow to "do anything" in order to avoid adverse reactions when it comes to defending our Church and our Faith. Some are afraid to "make waves" in their own parishes and diocese when sometimes horrible liturgical abuses are going on... yet, the moment the media sets everyone in to a tail spin of swine flu madness, immediately directives are being sent out to not only stop distributing the Precious Blood, but the Eucharist MUST be received in the hand (I don't know about you, but I touch a lot less with my tongue than I do with my hands... and anyone with young children knows that their hands don't stay clean for long...) until this passes.... this was particularly tough for me, because my two oldest boys, ages 10 and 13, have always been told to receive on the tongue. I try to remind them and show them and teach them the beauty, dignity and respect to be given to Jesus in the most Holy Eucharist. I have grown tired of seeing so many young people shuffle up to communion seemingly without giving the least thought to receiving Our Lord as anything other than their obligatory "snack" sometimes just pulling their hands from pockets at the last moment, then "popping' the host in to their mouths... nope... I told my kids that they can receive on the tongue. Jesus' body was meant to be consumed, not 'popped'... Nothing against adults that choose to receive this way. My husband does. I understand that it is a choice allowed by the Church and can be done properly and reverently... I have more issue with the young... I feel that it can take away from the reverence and mystery that the Eucharist is supposed to instill in us. But again, that is my opinion....

Anyway, knowing the Monsignor of our Parish was going to read the Bishop's letter explaining the "temporary" new guidelines, we had to explain to our sons how to receive Jesus in their hands... But if that wasn't enough, the Bishop also decided that the Holy Water Fonts should also be emptied... : ( I'm sorry, but I thought that that was just going a little bit too far... My two year old was especially annoyed by this when she went to reach for the font, only to find the empty ring that holds the bowl in place... After that, when we went to sit down in our pew, she tried to say something to me that I couldn't quite "translate" but I'm pretty sure it was something about how the Bishop was going to hear from her.... : ]


Tammy said...

Wow. That is extreme. The communion thing, I can understand. From my first communion on, I took it in the hand, but that was just because of my shyness. I am always reverent though, of course. But, going into church, without making the sign of the cross with the Holy water?? I would feel so lost. I don't know if I could do that.

Seriously, if any sort of epidemic or outbreak or anything was going to kill us, it would have happened long ago. Most likely back in the 70's before we knew all this information we know now, or before we wore seat belts all the time, and slid back and forth across the back seat, lol. They really are blowing this out of proportion.

Molly said...

My husband went to recieve Holy Communion on the tongue yesterday & was told he would have to wait until everyone else was done if he wanted to do so. So he waited & he was the only one.

I'd like to think I would do the same thing, but being a convert I still get a little unsure of myself.

Linda said...

I will not receive in my hand. If I am not able to receive my Lord and My God because of this, I will accept the desert with the martyrs, and pray with a spiritual Communion. Our Lord should not be brought down and humbled further because of man and our mistakes. How sad it would be, and I am thankful it has not come to this.
You are so correct anyway, that hands are much more dangerous to the spread of germs. The priest does not touch the tongue, but often touches the hand when distributing that way.
Could this be one of the trials and tribulatons?
peace to all of you.