Thursday, May 7, 2009

The REALITY of Abortion Hits ND Campus

The latest from Jill Staneck and World Net Daily is that the consciences at Notre Dame are being challenged, and they don't like it, one bit. I like how the liberals like to blame people that believe in a person's Right to LIFE.... referring to us as "Abortion haters" and all... But could someone tell me WHO "loves" abortion??!! No one, does... Some love the "power" and politics behind abortion... When they are faced with WHAT abortion actually IS and LOOKS LIKE, nope.... they don't like it... and they don't want to acknowledge the reality... It's much easier to use "words" like "anti-abortion" and "abortion-hater"... after all, if WE use words to refer to them as "anti-life" or "pro-death" they scoff, and you will NEVER hear the media use the terms... It's all about the words... You've heard the term, "if words could kill"?... This one actually does.... Check out the entire article at the above link...

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