Saturday, February 28, 2009

Warning: President Obama is NOT God...

Denver's Arch Bishop Charles Chaput says it so much better than I ever could!
Chaput, who has written a book on his views, "Render Unto Caesar," noted that even before Obama was elected, he considered the now-president "the most committed 'abortion-rights' presidential candidate … since the Roe v. Wade abortion decision in 1973." He said Obama's campaign "removed any suggestion that killing an unborn child might be a regrettable thing." The result, he said, is that members of the church "owe no leader any submission or cooperation in the pursuit of grave evil." "In fact, we have the duty to change bad laws and resist grave evil in our public life, both by our words and our non-violent
actions," he said. "Second, in democracies, we elect public servants, not
messiahs. It's worth recalling that despite two ugly wars, an unpopular
Republican president, a fractured Republican party, the support of most of the American news media and massively out-spending his opponent, our new president actually trailed in the election polls the week before the economic meltdown."

I'm finding it SO HARD to even WATCH the news past the weather forecast... To read the entire article at World Net Daily go here.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baby's First Doctor Visit...

So, yesterday I finally got the baby to a doctor's appointment. You see, I took him in the week after he was born to have him circumcised and then made an appointment for his one month check up. Well, when I went in for the one month, there was a screw up with the insurance, and he had not yet been put on it, so I had to go home, straighten out the insurance mess, but never got around to scheduling him back with the Doctor. Now he is 4 months old and so I figured I better get him down. He really is such a "mellow-jello" baby. Very happy go lucky and easy to take care of. Not fussy-cussy at all, so I just didn't think about taking him to the doctor. Anyway, when we get there, they ask if there are any problems [no] and then tell me that they will just do a "well baby" check up. Sounds good! : )

So could someone PLEASE tell me WHY, when you take a perfectly healthy, happy baby in to see the doctor, they tell you that he's "behind" 10 shots that they say he "needs" and call it a "well baby check up"?... TEN SHOTS!! No exaggeration!! I about fell over! I said, "He's ONLY 4 months old!! What in the world is the necessity of giving him TEN shots?!!" For PETE's SAKE!! The doctor told me about some kind of "roto-virus..." something or other oral immunization. He said that it was the "easiest" to give, because they just put it in his mouth... Well, sorry, Doc, but JUST BECAUSE it's "easy" doesn't mean it's necessary... It wasn't to eliminate the chance of stomach flu, but to keep it from getting to the point of dehydration and hospitalization... Well, since my baby is ONLY breast fed right now, we home school and so is not exposed to the usual "muck" and he is baby #5 and I have NEVER had stomach flu in my house to the extent of hospitalization even being warranted with ANY of my kids, I think I'll pass... sheesh...

It is SO frustrating, because you want to trust your doctor to do what's best for your children to keep them healthy, but gosh! IT seems that every year they ADD to the list of "immunizations" to give children, and I'm sorry, but all that extra "Stuff" put in to an already healthy baby just doesn't seem right... *Sigh* I allowed four of the 10.. for now... and even THAT leaves me feeling a bit of guilt... I honestly don't know too much about these things... Poor baby... He is SO ticklish, there he was laughing and cooing and giggling, as the nurse was rubbing alcohol on his little chubby, thunder-thighs when his face suddenly froze in fear and pain as he felt the "stick"... it's enough to break a mommy's heart.... We're supposed to go back in a month....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday...

I have been giving a lot of thought to this up coming Lent... I'm actually looking forward to it.... Life has been so cluttered with LIFE; with kids, with family and finances, with happiness, frustrations, highs and lows... life has just been so cluttered with, well... me...

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. This is the time of year where I put forth that extra effort to put aside my own wants and needs, my SELF and to focus MORE on The only ONE that I need... We will all get up early tomorrow morning to attend early Mass (6:30am) together as a family, before hubby heads off to work and the kids go to their enrichment classes and then the babies I head to my mothers to clean her house. I will try to remain focused on the words spoken as the ashes are placed upon my forehead (Remember Man that thou art dust and to dust you shall return....) Without God in my life, I am NOTHING... I am but a noisy gong, clanging for no one but myself... all of my good "deeds", chores, accomplishments, whatever, should not be done for recognition, or compliments or even appreciation of others, but for the love of God. God sees, hears and knows all that I do, and in what mindset that I do them. God is LOVE and I should do these things out of LOVE for Him!

In whatever state of life I am in, whatever I am doing, wherever I am at, whoever I am with, my quest this lent is to do out of love for God who has given me this life to live in order to Love, honor and serve Him so that I might be with Him forever in the next... Simple, right?... : )

I wish you all a beautiful and faith filled lent. I pray that all who call on Him will draw closer to Him and all that He has to offer us. I pray that Our Blessed Mother be our guide as no one follows Him more closely than she... I pray that I may talk with more kindness, listen with more patience, tell my family "I love you" more often and see others only as God sees them... and when I fall, I pray that I have the strength, grace and courage to rise, take up my cross again, and continue forward... God Bless!

Monday, February 23, 2009

A Mini Vacation

So, hubby and I decided that we wanted to take advantage of the nice weather predicted for the weekend (low 70's with clear skies) and take an impromptu trip North to the Zoo and the Metropolitan Museum. Now while the weather wasn't as clear as we had thought it would be, there was no rain on Saturday while we were at the zoo (yippee!!) and though we woke to rain on Sunday, the museum was inside, so no harm, no foul : ) We had a great little get away and came home to find FIVE eggs from my chickens! woo hoo! We have 5 hens, so one from each! They must have missed me! : ) Here are some pictures from our adventures! We really had a great time! The first one reminded me of the AT&T commercials that advertise "More bars in more places..." lol...

The only disappointment was not being able to meet up with an old priest friend of ours at Mass on Saturday evening. We learned at the beginning of mass that he had taken suddenly ill and was not able to attend. Being the only priest at his parish, reminded us of the need to continue to pray for more men to hear their calling to the priesthood....

Hubby and I were also reminded that it is important to take advantage of these simple moments with our children. They grow so fast... These pictures show me, especially how my 12, soon to be 13 year old son is going to be out and on his own before we know it, and probably before I'M ready! So I'm thankful we had this opportunity. God is good!

Come What May

It seems that decent family movies with POSITIVE messages are catching on... Here's another that has been promoted by the makers of Fireproof. It will be available on DVD on March 17th and you can check out the website at Come What May.

h/t Cynthia!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Abortion changes You - website

There are more victims in the crime of abortion than just the baby. As I've heard abortion survivor Gianna Jessan say (paraphrasing), the baby will be fine. God will take care of the baby.... it's the rest of the people involved that are left behind to face the brutality of what was done. It seems this website has hope, help and healing for all people that have been involved in an abortion; parents and grandparents, siblings and even workers involved. Have a look and pass it on to anyone else that you think might need... God Bless

Thursday, February 19, 2009

More on Nancy's Meeting with Papa Benedict

As expected... apparently, they were at two different meetings...

I just don't get this mindset of love the earth, hug a tree, kiss a whale, but kill your baby... oh, but only in RARE instances, course... the kill your baby, part... sheesh....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fertilized Eggs Given Human Status

Just when we thought that maybe everyone was losing their minds... : ) Some good news! H/T to WiCatholic AND her son ; )

North Dakota House Gives Fertilized Eggs Human Status

Nancy Pelosi Meets with Papa Benedict XVI

I had heard Teresa Tomeo speaking of this meeting this morning on Catholic Radio. Thankfully the Vatican had the foresight to NOT allow pictures of this event... I could just imagine the media spin on that! "House Speaker Explains to Pope Benedict How it IS 'okay' to be Pro-Choice AND Catholic!"....

Anyway, thanks be to Jesus, that we have such a courageous Papa, unafraid to teach TRUTH and Lead us in the way we should go... So far Nancy has ignored words from lay Catholics, Priests and Bishops. I pray that the words of our Holy Father will reach her hardened heart for her own sake and for the sake of all those who look up to her...

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Anniversary/Christmas/Birthday Gift...

FINALLY!! My husband's made an honest woman of me! lol! Probably 2 years ago as I was getting my kids out of the tub I noticed one of my diamond "chips" missing from my wedding rings. Afraid to lose another I took them off and put them away until I could get them fixed. In the mean time, my husband had quit wearing his a couple of years earlier because his finger had outgrown the band, so I wore it... Well, we have finally gotten ourselves in to a situation to where we could actually afford to have the rings fixed, so last November when I was asked what I wanted for my anniversary, the answer was, "To have my rings fixed!" Then came Christmas, and my birthday and the question and answer was the same... "To have my rings fixed!" We finally took them in to a reputable jeweler a little over 3 weeks ago and got them back today! As beautiful and shiny as the day we exchanged them! : ) My husband is now adjusting to wearing a ring again... the rash should disappear in a couple of days... ; )

The Red Envelope Project

If you haven't already heard , you know now! The Red Envelope Project has emerged as a terrific (In my opinion...) idea to bring this nations new pro-death administration to the reality of abortion and the taking of innocent human lives. And nothing could be simpler, really... Here's all you have to do:

Get a red envelope (at Kinkos or probably any other office supply store..) or you could even make one of your own! and address it to:

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, D.C. 20500

Leave the envelope empty, seal it and on the back write:

This envelope represents one child who died in abortion. It is empty because that life was unable to offer anything to the world. Responsibility begins with conception.

What a GREAT message! And one of our homeschool projects for today! Myself and each of my children will be sending one.... I hope you feel compelled to do the same! Pass the word along!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad!

God rest his soul... Dad would have been 85 today... In his memory, I would like to share with you now what I was graced with the opportunity to share with those who came to his funeral 5 + years ago.... Tho it makes me cry, still, it brings a smile to my face as well... Dad knew not to take life too seriously... well... except during baseball season! : ) I love and miss you, Dad! Thank you for all the "Life Lessons" : )

Life Lessons from Dad...

Dad taught me sign language:

If he wanted you to fetch something for him, with a whisk of his finger and a few “tst! tst! tst!” We could run and get what he wanted.

Dad taught me caution:

When teaching me to drive, he knew that was NOT the time to raise his voice....

Dad taught me service:

If someone asked for help, anywhere, anytime, anyway, he was there, almost before you finished asking.

Dad taught me “promptness”:

As we ran through the house trying to finish getting ready for Church, knowing dad had already gone out the back door, and was sitting in the car, waiting...

Dad taught me “choices”:

As you sat at his breakfast table waiting for waffles that may have gotten slightly “overcooked” on one side, he would just ask you “light or dark?”

Dad taught me “seniority”:

When he answered the phone and I would say “hello” he would pause for a moment before he’d say “who is this?” “It’s ME, your favorite!” “Richard?, I’ll let you talk to your mother.” then with his mouth away from the phone “Honey! Richard’s on the phone!”

Dad taught me “ingenuity”:

From machines to motors, gadgets to gizmos, if something quit working, Dad NEVER threw ANYTHING away, before trying to “fix it” first.

Dad taught me “resourcefulness”:

I don’t believe there was anything he couldn’t fix with his power drill, a few bolts, some wood glue or duct tape.

Dad taught me to “appreciate the small things”:

In all our travels back and forth across this country, he made sure to stop, often, so we could “experience” the beauty of the land.

Dad taught me how to be “worry free”:

Whenever he would call to check on us he’d say “well, you need to call and let us know how you’re doing.... you know how your mother worries.....”

Dad taught me his love for music:

With speakers wired in every room of the house, including his garage, it was the first thing he “fixed” in every camper, motor home, or trailer he owned. And contrary to his “gruff” exterior, there were still a few songs that could easily bring a tear to his eye....

Dad taught me unconditional love:

More than once I had to call him with the dreaded news that I had been in a car accident. “Are you okay? Were you hurt?” “No, dad” I would choke through tears. “Where you at? I’ll be right there....” When he saw me he greeted my sobs with a big bear hug and tell me “It’s all right, Emily. Cars can be fixed..... You’re okay. That’s all that matters.....”

Dad taught me “team spirit”:

From my sporting events in grade school, to drill team in highschool, and from swim lessons to sporting events of all his kids and grandkids... dad was ALWAYS there to be our “number one fan”.

Dad taught me “family first”:

No matter the cost to him, dad made sure that we had a good education, going to Church was NOT an option, and family vacations every year. After we were grown, when we came by the house dad would stop what he was doing to visit for awhile, but more often, you would have him stopping by to check on you. Many times, leaving with a grandkid or two..... The kids always loved “grandpa day”. And nothing made dad more happy than to see a house full of “family” that he could make breakfast for.

Dad taught me true love and loyalty:

I don’t think there was EVER a time that dad came home or left that he didn’t greet mom with a kiss. His main concern was to make sure that SHE was happy. There was NEVER a doubt about how much he loved her.

Dad taught me devotion:

He loved a silent retreat or a quiet Church. As loud as he could be, dad had a quiet spirit that he took very seriously. I think, in the quiet, dad felt closest to God......

Dad taught me that a good laugh could last so much longer and feel so much better than crying.

This is a tough one dad..... But I know you are with us still, living in our hearts and our minds, until we meet again. We love you very much, and will miss you, dearly. Thank’s, dad, for all the lessons. When I grow up, I want to be a teacher, just like you.....

Monday, February 9, 2009

Unapologetically Catholic

A conversation with my sister earlier this weekend got me to thinking about being Catholic and how I got to be where I am with my Catholic faith... I feel so BLESSED to be Catholic. I've always been Catholic... But I haven't always felt "blessed" to be so... there was a time when I was of the opinion that any Christian church or denomination was as good as another. A belief in God was all that mattered... so what changed? My husband was NOT raised Catholic. He was raised in another Christian denomination. And though I didn't think about or did it occur to me to question why he believed the way he did, it DID occur to him to question ME!! lol! I was challenged... Initially, I had nothing to give, other than Catholic was all I knew to be and I did certain things because that's what I was always taught. It never occurred to me to do otherwise... But my husband wasn't going to let me off that easily... imagine that!! ; )

The more he questioned me, the more I questioned myself... I went to Mass every week, why? We said the rosary, why?... we prayed to the saints, why?... we had communion every week and at every mass, why?... we went to confession, why?... why couldn't I just go directly to God?... THAT one was a biggie for me, that I had already been struggling with... It was nothing short of a series of God's miracles and grace that gave me the answers that I/we sought. You see, my husband, although he had gone through RCIA and had been confirmed in to the Catholic Church prior to our marriage, he only attended with me on occasion after we were married. Things really started to heat up for us and our differences in religious beliefs when our children came in to the picture. It started with a book called Catholicism and Fundamentalism that my husband had bought from a passing through missionary that had come to our parish one year. He bought the book and then put it aside, unread... I picked it up and flew through the pages, unable to put it down. From that I went to other apologetic books by Scott Hahn, Matthew Pinto, Stephen Ray, Fr. Mitch Pacwa, Tim Staples, and others... we began attending the Catholic Family Conference, then being held in Long Beach CA., and listening to speakers of the same names, and our hearts were grabbed...

While I can't say that my husband and I took the same journey, at the same time, we were both given the opportunity and grace to find our way to the same conclusion... We have found the Truth in the Church founded by Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church. the Church is Holy, True and ONE, as Jesus and His Father are ONE. God did not intend for us to be scattered and split on differences of translations or leaders or rights, or traditions. When investigated and studied with an open mind and heart, the Catholic Church is a tapestry, intricately woven together with SUCH precision that only God Himself could have possibly designed it. So strong that the gates of Hell cannot prevail against it. The Catholic Church existed before the Bible and it is the Church that preserved the Bible, the written word of God. And though a person, in the course of his own personal study and meditation may interpret certain scriptures as they apply to his own life, the deeper meanings of the scriptures in whole can be entrusted to the Church to teach and lead us to a deeper understanding and love of Christ and His Church.

My intention was not to make this an apologetic blog... It has just been my observation that while other Christians seem to have no problem sharing their beliefs, whether I agree with them or not... there seem to be many Catholics that feel that they have to "dumb down" our Faith in order to not offend others that may not believe as we do... why? From my own experiences, even our local Catholic schools want to tone things down, since not all of their students are necessarily Catholic... excuse me, but WHY?... Catholic parents are paying GOOD MONEY for their children to receive a CATHOLIC education at a CATHOLIC school, not just a "private" one... We have private Christian schools in town as well, and I guarantee that those teachers and staff aren't going to hold back any of THEIR teachings, whether they offend a Catholic or not... They are not going to tip toe around "sensitive" subjects at the risk of offending anyone that doesn't believe the same as they do....

I believe that even though it was sometimes very painful, it was BECAUSE my husband and I disagreed on some matters of faith, that it was a challenge and a blessing for me to take the opportunity to learn MORE.. to understand BETTER... I feel it would have been much easier to remain complacent had I not been challenged... I think it may be why so many cradle Catholics don't really know their Faith.... They may stay out of habit or obligation, feeling as I did, that one church is just as good as another, or they may stop practicing altogether or end up leaving for another church...

I am unapologetically Catholic. I believe in ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC and APOSTOLIC Church. I believe that that which I have been blessed with in discovering through my journey of Faith is truly my key to obtain heaven. Note that I am in no way saying that I am assured heaven because I am Catholic... That decision is left up to God in my final judgement as it is for all of us. But I DO believe that the more that I learn about my Catholic Faith and understand and put in to practice that which the Church teaches, the closer I will become to God our Father. The first thing that we are taught as Catholics is WHY did God create us? To know, love and serve Him in THIS life, so that we may be with Him FOREVER in the next.... And He has given us the gift of His Sacraments where I can truly encounter Him body, blood, soul and divinity each and every day... So that we are ONE as HE and His heavenly Father are ONE... How AWESOME is THAT?? Nope... no apologies here.....

An Awesome Kid!

and one of my FAVORITE teenagers, is my nephew... Home schooled his entire life began high school this year at the local Catholic High School. Not only has he done a FANTASTIC job with his classes and adjusting to the routine of actually GOING to a school and a schedule of going from class to class, but he has also made the varsity swim team! WooHoo!! I'm in awe of how they even get in to a pool at all at this time of year! : ) It's COLD out there!! I'm just so darn proud!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'm Really NOT an Irrational Person...

I took my nine year old son to the dentist today. I admit that it's been about 2 1/2 years since we've last gone... We had a change in insurance and I've had two babies, so I just hadn't had the chance to sit and make dentist appointments... Well, hubby has been having his teeth worked on and has had nothing but praise for his dentist and has since made appointments for myself and our oldest son. I figured the easiest way to handle this was two at a time, so after we were done, than we would work with the next two youngest... unfortunately, my younger son was having some tooth ache issues, so we ended up making an appointment for him to get in today. I got a babysitter and off we went.

Now mind you, my son is 9 and has never experienced "the shot" from the dentist before... last time he had work done, it was under the influence of the "silly juice"... and being his first visit to this doctor I wasn't sure what exactly they would do. After waiting over an hour in the office, they finally call him back for x-rays. A few minutes later the assistant comes out to tell me that they need to extract a tooth that is falling apart and that is what is causing the pain. I tell her that he has never had the shot before, but it would have to be done, so okay... "sign here" and I did and she never said another word but went back to the back again. A little bit later I hear my son crying and look down the hall only to see him come out holding the side of his face and crying. They tell me that he will have to be referred to the specialist that gives "the juice" but the insurance won't cover it because he's over 7... huh?... OR I could make another appointment to meet with their other dentist, but he only comes in on Wednesday's and he would still give the "shot" but he works more with kids... Well, Wednesday's happen to be our "nightmare" days, where we are pretty much gone from morning to night...

To say the least I was little annoyed... no explanation, other than my son wouldn't cooperate and they couldn't do it... Now, I realize that a lot of people don't "get" home school mom's. A lot may assume that because we are HOME all day, we MUST sit around eating Bonn-bons watching soap opera's and have all the time in the world to drop everything for appointments! Anyway, I told them that I would have to call back after I got home... we left, nothing accomplished, thank you very much...

So on the way home I ask my son, "What happened? What did you tell them?" Thinking he must have had some tantrum breakdown for the operation to shut down so quickly and without explanation... he said, "I told them I didn't like shots..." well, duh... I don't like shots!!

So I get home and call the dentist to see if I can find ANYTHING else out... I don't know who I spoke with... the first girl answered the phone and I tried to remain calm as I explained to her that it was frustrating for me, because I had 5 kids and don't have a babysitter at my disposal for endless appointments... I wish that someone could have explained to me what the problem was when we were still there and at least given me the chance to TALK to my son and calm him down and MAYBE we could have tried again... but no one even offered that... she said, "well, he's nine, and he's had dental work done before..."

"Yes!" I told her, "But it was a couple of years ago and he was able to take the juice! This was his first experience with the shot, and he just wasn't prepared. He understands NOW that there is not an option, but from what I understand, this doctor doesn't even want to try with him anymore and the other doctor, he couldn't see him for another 2 weeks and you're telling me that this needs to be done soon..."

"well, do you want to come back?..." Upon further inquiring, according to the assistant my son started crying and said he didn't like shots... so the doctor asked him if he wanted to leave and my son nodded, and they let him leave... I almost lost it! I said, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!! He is NINE... He is in a new office, with NEW faces, a NEW experience that isn't the most pleasant, and a doctor hovering over him with a needle asking him if he wants to leave... for Pete's sake, I would want to leave!!" She laughed... I'm really not trying to be unreasonable... And I'm not the kind of mother that will baby my kids through normal "life" things, like having to go to the dentist and dealing with "shots"... his having to get the shot wasn't the problem... all kids have to go through their first, at some point... he just wasn't prepared, because I wasn't sure WHAT to prepare him for... if they had JUST given me 15 minutes to talk with him... calm him down and explain what was going to happen and why, we'd be done by now... She said "well, WE told him what was going to happen..."

"You aren't his mom... I'm sorry, but to him, you are a stranger..." After I hung up my son told me that after he said that he didn't like shots, what they told him was he needed to be good or they were going to have to tie him up... yeah... that'll calm his nerves... sheesh... I called my husband and told him that HE could call and talk with them... They were probably hoping that I would just go somewhere else...

So, Hubby called, and they said that they were just looking up his number to call him... They didn't want him mad at them... Apparently he convinced them that they should give our son another chance and he would take him back down there himself and sit with him... they never even gave me the chance... When I heard him crying and got up to look down the hall, they told me I could go back to him, but he was already on his way out, and you know the rest of the story... I'm not sure that I'm happy with the decision to go back, but I don't want my son's mouth in pain any longer... so off they went... My oldest Son and I are supposed to go in to the same office a week from Monday... should I keep that appointment?...Perhaps they're hoping I won't...

Hundreds Attend Global Warming Protest...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Spring Is In The Air!

Or is it JUST my wishful thinking?...

Well, we have had such beautiful spring weather these past couple of weeks and my hens have been laying! yippee!! Even my little banty hen has done her part... : ) okay, so it takes two or three of her little eggs to make up for one regular size egg... The kids just want her to hatch a couple of them out! : ) Maybe come Spring... It's still too cold right now, and the weather is already predicted to turn cold again in the next few days.... Hercules is "the MAN" and struts around like it's all about him... it's SO funny! He's so gold and fluffy I HAD to give him a "manly" name... : ) Now if he can just continue to "inspire" the rest of the flock to produce we'll be set!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

America Speaks, Will President Barack Listen?...

It seems that in the latest Gallup polls asking the American people about funding overseas abortions a whopping 65% are against it. Catholic League president Bill Donohue is doing what he can to make sure that Congress is aware of this... I keep hoping and PRAYING that President Barack will LISTEN to the MAJORITY and STOP letting the extremists tickle his ears with this culture of death rhetoric...

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Conversation With My Son

My oldest son (12) approached me today and asked what embryonic stem cell research was... So I did my best to explain how even though the media and general public want to try and convince us that it is something "good", as intelligent human beings we have to consider carefully what exactly it is and WHY the Church teaches us that embryonic stem cell research is WRONG. There has been lots of success with ADULT Stem Cell and Cord Stem Cell research that the media and general public don't want to talk about. Options that have been successful that don't require the taking of another human life. But because some still think it's okay and a "choice" to kill a pre-born baby, they want to try and somehow ease their consciences by saying that this makes it "good"...

"Son, it is NEVER good to save a life, if it means taking another. We never want anyone to try and convince us that the taking of an innocent human life is "good". It's not..."

His response, "Mom... whoever it is that is sick or hurt and wants to be fixed with embryonic stem cells... well, they've had a chance to live.... a little or a lot... they have had a chance at a life... an aborted baby never even gets a chance..."

sheesh... kids GET this... I pray that he and the rest of our future generations will continue to get it... it is our hope... It does make me sad, though.... That we even have to have such conversations...