Monday, February 2, 2009

A Conversation With My Son

My oldest son (12) approached me today and asked what embryonic stem cell research was... So I did my best to explain how even though the media and general public want to try and convince us that it is something "good", as intelligent human beings we have to consider carefully what exactly it is and WHY the Church teaches us that embryonic stem cell research is WRONG. There has been lots of success with ADULT Stem Cell and Cord Stem Cell research that the media and general public don't want to talk about. Options that have been successful that don't require the taking of another human life. But because some still think it's okay and a "choice" to kill a pre-born baby, they want to try and somehow ease their consciences by saying that this makes it "good"...

"Son, it is NEVER good to save a life, if it means taking another. We never want anyone to try and convince us that the taking of an innocent human life is "good". It's not..."

His response, "Mom... whoever it is that is sick or hurt and wants to be fixed with embryonic stem cells... well, they've had a chance to live.... a little or a lot... they have had a chance at a life... an aborted baby never even gets a chance..."

sheesh... kids GET this... I pray that he and the rest of our future generations will continue to get it... it is our hope... It does make me sad, though.... That we even have to have such conversations...

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