Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Two Less"

I don't think I can completely explain HOW ANNOYED I get with the slew of garbage that is conastantly thrown at our young people in the name of "being smart" or "healthy"... I'm thinking specifically, at the moment, of the happy couple skipping tra-la-la happy down the beach holding hands and dancing around with out a care in the world? Why? Well, because one of them has genital herpes, of course! But not to worry, because as long as they take this "magical" medication with only a "few" side effects (sarcasm intended) every thing is hunky-dorey grand... sheesh... They outlawed cigarette commercials long ago to block the negative message it conveyed to our children, but THIS is somehow okay??

"Don't dirty up your lungs, kids, but the rest of your body, image and reputation is up for grabs!"

And now there are the VERY young girls, skipping rope and chanting about being "One less" girl to POSSIBLY avoid cervical cancer, because Gardasil (once again, the magical 'drug') will protect SOME women from the POSSIBILITY of MAYBE getting one of four possible strains, (there are MORE than four..)of HPV... The buzz around our own "free" country has been trying to make this Gardisal "vaccine" mandatory for all young girls, in some places, as young as 9 years old.... Now this,

Two Women Die After Recieving Cervical Cancer Vaccine

Now there are not two, but a total of FIVE less women, that we know of, so far,(and I use the term "women" lightly, because, really, most of them have been children...) that we will never have the chance to see what they could have done with their lives... Not to mention the other complications that are being linked to it, such as mis-carriage... more lives that we will never know, never see, never hear...

Why is it, that in America, my young daughter can have someone take and help her obtain an abortion without me ever being the wiser, yet, she could be suspended from a public school if she were to take an aspirin? Why is it that there are multiple deaths being linked to Gardasil, yet the government, in the name of "health" wants to push it on to our future generations of young women? But the shelves are being cleared of cold medicines for children, because somebody didn't follow the directions correctly?...

I have two young daughters, ages 5 and 1. I pity the person that approaches me about having them injected with Gardasil... Of course, I guess that I can pray and be hopeful that in the next 4 or so years, the powers that be may wise up and realize that this is not something that is going to improve our future... God, help us...

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