Tuesday, December 9, 2008

GREAT Family Movies...

Hubby found some great family movies on sale at the local Christian Bookstore last week... If you haven't seen them already, these are GREAT family oriented movies that are VERY SAFE AND entertaining for the entire family. And some GREAT lessons taught, to boot! Hubby and I totally enjoyed watching something that we could watch with the kids where we didn't have to worry about being on guard to "ff" or cover their eyes! : )


Facing the Giants

and Bella

All three were on sale here locally, and are movies we will watch again and again... They also had Fireproof (due out in January) on sale if you pre-ordered it, for only $12.49. Fireproof was from the same makers of Flywheel and Facing the Giants. So, you might check out your own local Christian or Catholic bookstores to see if you can find them! They would make terrific Christmas gifts!

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