Friday, December 5, 2008

I've Always Loved to Sing...

From the time I was very young I would sing along with the radio, play my favorite albums and memorize my favorite songs, then practice singing in to my hair brush over and over again... I sang in choirs in school, from elementary to college. I've sung liturgy at Mass and have sung for several weddings. I guess that's probably why I have always liked American Idol... I think back to how badly I wanted to be a professional singer when I was young and what would have happened if I had had the guts to pursue that career... but I digress... : )

This video of these young, talented men reminded me and brought back lots of memories that I have of singing as part of a group. I loved the harmonizing and how much fun it was to sing together in a choir. Two of my best girlfriends and I always had fun picking different parts of songs and singing them in harmony, just for the fun of it. You can tell that these guys are just having a blast! and the crowd is loving it... Enjoy!


Amanda said...

After watching this, I totally just bought the album! Thanks for posting it!

WICatholic said...

I love watching them. I saw the youtube videos that they had out before, and they always look like they have fun.

Reunited... neat!

God bless!