Friday, June 13, 2008

Meet My New God-Daughter!

I haven't posted much this week partly because we have had visitors from the East! Our former "magical babysitter", specifically. She decided, one day, to grow up, join the air force, move cross country, get married and have a baby! Anyway, this was her first trip back to the "left coast" since before she married and before she had her beautiful daughter! It was so nice seeing her again and meeting my God-daughter for the first time. You see, part of her reason for coming out was so that she could have the baby baptised at her former "home parish" and so that hubby and I could stand as God-parents. We were thrilled! The only thing missing was her husband, who was back home working and holding down the home front. We are working on his making the next trip out, which we hope won't be so far away...

The baptism was very nice, and only highlighted by the baby's constant inquiries to Father, "Water, now?" : ) Then after she FINALLY got the water poured on her head, she took it like a champ, and sitting upright and having the drops dabbed from her face and the back of her neck, she said, "Water, again?..." lol! An absolute angel!

Alas, our company has returned back East, to home, husband/daddy, and work and it seems like their visit was WAY to short, and went by WAY too fast.... But we are so grateful for the opportunity to see them and look forward to another visit very soon!

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WICatholic said...

She is cute!

Loved the photos, too!

God bless!