Thursday, June 5, 2008

Til Death...

June 5, 1954. Aren't they the cutest?? Having met only a few months before at a dance... I love the story.... My dad had a job that involved working on a high platform, when the roof gave way, causing him to land hard enough to knock his front teeth out. He saw my mom at a dance, where she was with friends and asked her to dance. At the end of the evening he asked if she would be back the following week and she hesitantly told him "maybe"... a "toothless" guy, could you blame her?! : )
She decided to avoid the dance the following week in hopes that he would "take a hint"... But returned the following week, and guess who was still looking for her?!! Well, look at her! Can you blame him?!!
Hence, history was made! The oldest remaining daughter at home, helping her widowed mother take care of her younger brother and niece meets #7 of ten kids, a hard working, rabble rouser and jokester. It was meant to be. As rough and loud as dad could be, he treated mom as the princess she was. Nothing was too good for her! They had 49 anniversaries together in this life before dad went to his eternal resting place. But this date is forever in our minds as the day that mom and dad became one flesh, til death... Thank you Mom and Dad for being the wonderful example of the sacrament of marriage that you were! Because of you, I know that marriage isn't always easy, but relying on God's Grace, He will see us through the toughest of times. In a world that continues to try and convince us that NOTHING lasts forever, YOU have convinced ME that some things DO.... I love you always!


WICatholic said...

What a tribute to your parents!

Mine made it 39 yrs before Dad passed away, and Mom is very lonely now, 21 yrs later.

God bless!

Sarah said...

What a wonderful tribute - I love those stories where they just "knew" within a few months! Seemed more common back in the 40's :) My grandma and grandpa had one of those special marriages too. And how classy were the dresses back then? Sigh.

Sarah said...

Oops - 40's *and* 50's :)