Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oh! Is THAT How it Goes?....

I just love listening to my kids when they are playing "Mass." My second oldest son has always had a fasination with Mass and all that is going on in Church. So much so that he was trained to be an altar server at the age of six... and even now, at almost 11 years old, he likes to dress up in the mini priest robes that we bought him at the Catholic Family Conferance a few years ago and play "Mass". And as his little sisters grow older, they, too, love to play along, saying the readings, sitting in the pews, carrying up the gifts, etc... This evening after dinner, as they were playing and my husband and I sat in the dining room listening, smiling, we heard that it was time for the Gospel reading and they all rise up singing "Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ! King of endless stories!" good thing we were done eating and didn't have food in our mouths.... : )

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