Thursday, October 23, 2008

Good News All Around!

So I got another update from my friend this morning about her nephew, Dylan. They got a call from the doctors last night saying that the bone scans were all free and clear of cancer. The small 3mm spot on the back side of his lung now appears to be "nothing" but they will keep an eye on it, anyway. This is helping the family all breathe a little easier in general, though Dylan's mom is still having a hard time letting her guard down, bless her heart... I don't blame her a bit... can't say that i wouldn't be the same way... Please continue to say a prayer for the family...

And my brother in law was going to have a laparoscopy at noon (PST) today to remove his gall bladder, the source of his infection. Now, hopefully, he will be feeling a whole lot better, soon and back on his road to recovery! It's been a tough road for he and his family, but we are so grateful to God for the good that He has worked through it... Thanks again for all the prayers!

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Katie said...

Hooray! Thanks for the update. :)