Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Will Abortion EVER be Brought Up in the Debates?

Wednesday night will be the third and final debate between presidential hopefuls Obama and McCain. We have heard them debate war and the financial crisis, but none of the moderators or "towns people" have asked about abortion... Pastor Rick Warren is the only one I recall asking, which brought forth Obama's brilliant "above my pay grade" response... Is that ALL we're going to hear from him on the subject? C'mon!

ProLife Blogs is encouraging us to petition Bob Schieffer for a fair debate this coming Wednesday and let's hear what else(if anything) that Obama has to say about the abortion "issue". After all, I think it's a pretty important thing to talk about, as I believe a lot of others do, to... It MUST be, the way the Obama camp and it's followers want to duck and dive around to avoid it...

Please check out the FRC Action web site to get your voice heard, and maybe, just maybe we will hear a fair interchange Wednesday night on that which matters most to me and many others....

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Katie said...

You know, I wonder if those chosen to ask questions and whatnot are carefully screened. It's kind of interesting how we all know where the candidates stand on certain issues, yet we can't talk about them. Talk about sticking our heads into the sand.

I was once a liberal (don't make me say that again), and I tended to avoid the abortion topic simply because I couldn't twist my logic to fit what was so obvious to me. My then-problems were solved by pretending that the counter arguments didn't exist or by slandering those against me as religious nutjobs. Logic on the part of nutjobs might as well not be logic at all. I'm guessing this is the mindset currently employed. Either that, or a focus on the mothers' body and not on the lives taken.

On this subject, do you read Coffee Catholic's blog? She has a really thought-provoking piece on the faulty pro-choice logic.

Re: Liberal schools in MA. See, there are liberal schools and then there are VERY liberal schools. Mine is the latter ;) I've been trying to think of some less liberal colleges in the state, and the only one I could come up w/ is College of the Holy Cross...too bad a local bishop is threatening to take away its status as a Catholic school. *sigh*