Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Do Not Disturb

So, my husband gave up smoking, hopefully for the last time, the day after his 50th birthday. Since that time, he has been using the nicotine lozenges to keep it together. He finally resolved that he was tired of spending the money on those, too, so it was time to give them up, as well. His last "hit" of nicotine was Sunday morning... Anyway, I know the kids were pretty clueless but I was WELL aware of the bit of extra "tension" running through the house Sunday and Monday, as well. Monday was pretty rough, as he was suffering from some nausea, but thankfully, he stuck it out, with only a couple of quick, tense out bursts.

Sticking with our new Lenten practice, after daddy left for work, the kids and I pulled out the rosaries to begin our day as well. As usual, we went around the room for any intentions that they wanted to pray for. My 5 year old said she wanted to pray for daddy to "stay not smoking", and my 8 year old wanted to pray that daddy "not be so grumpy".... So, I tried to explain to them that daddy has had nicotine in his body for a long time, and his body was used to having it, but now it didn't have it anymore, so it makes his body mad, and it makes daddy crabby. But, I explained, hopefully, in a week or so, things will level out and daddy will be less "tense", but maybe we could try to give dad a little extra space this week and try not to be too annoying : ) and then we prayed to cover daddy in prayer, to make him strong and not sick or crabby.

A few hours later my husband came home for lunch and seemed pretty "okay". He was smiling and kidding, as usual. We looked up from our desks and I asked him how his day was going, and he said, "okay, so far... " and I told him that we covered him in prayer that he would have a good day. Then, rethinking his outburst at our younger son the previous night, he again apologized and then smiled at him asking "Michael, do you love me?"...

Silence... Michael kept working...

"Michael! Do you love me?...."

Michael looked up at him and smiled, but still said nothing...

"Michael! Do you love me?!"

Michael finally nervously responded, "Well, mom told us we should stay away from you for awhile..."

We laughed! I told him, "Not my words! Just HIS interpretation!" lolol.... My husband finally said, "Well, what does THAT have to do with whether or not you love me?" lol... Michael giggled..

"Rose! Do YOU love me?"

"Yes, daddy!" beaming her best "suck up" grin... sheesh... lol... you really have to be careful of what you say to your kids...

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