Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Funny Valentines...

There are three St.Valentines that can actually be associated with the date of February 14. Imagine... you wouldn't think that "Valentine" would be a common name, so who'da thunk?... and I guess, traditionally, Valentines Day has been reserved as a day for lovers or "mates" derived from writings from England and France during the middle ages of how birds would begin mating at this time of year. But in our household, we reserve Valentines for all those that we love.

My three older children were fast at work last evening creating the "perfect" valentines for Grandma, to give to her today. She is the only grandparent still living and it is amazing how creative kids can be with some colored construction paper, glue, scissors, markers and some hard candy "message" hearts.... : ) And I don't know if you can really appreciate how hard it was, unless you've ever experienced working under the conditions of having all these things spread across the table with a 17 month old with 6 hands and a 3 foot reach and a hankerin' for hard candy message hearts.... Bless there hearts, they did the best they could, trying to not lose patience with the baby who was doing HER best to get in the middle of it all...

Cards done, glue drying, candy sliding across the page, they each signed their names "with love", and we placed them up high out of reach from the "baby monster".... Knowing they all gave up the treats for Lent, they each admitted, "Mom, I only had one candy..." I thought that was pretty good for spending so much time with the temptation... And when we handed them to Grandma this afternoon she smiled and said "Thank you! My first Valentines!" As I hugged her, I warned, "I wouldn't try to eat the candies..." but I think she already knew that... ; )

and I guess I will give all my little Valentines a dispensation from their Lenten fast tomorrow, as I give them each their own Valentine treat. Their dad included... : )

Happy Valentines Day!

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