Sunday, March 15, 2009

"Feminists groups do not care about women.....

"They care about abortion...." So says my friend and author Jane Brennan. Her latest article in Catholic Online literally brought tears to my eyes... I am so proud of her and all the time, effort and personal sacrifice that she has given this past year in order to bring the TRUTH of abortion forth to people on both sides of the fence. She knows... she's been there.... I am grateful to God for having met her, and calling her my friend.... I'm even MORE thankful that she will be here in my own town, speaking at our local Right to Life Banquet this next Tuesday evening... You can find out how to have Jane come and speak at your parish through her website at Motherhood Interrupted.


Rita said...

Thanks for the links.

WICatholic said...

Janie is really having an impact on people. I remember when she was just barely beginning to step forward... and look what God has done with her faithfulness!

God is so good...she will be used to heal so many many people!

God bless!