Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This Interview Sent Shivers Through Me....

"I was lied to...." That's what kept running through my head over and over again... They are words that former feminist activist, and abortion survivor, Jane Brennan said during her testimony... She was in such a vulnerable position the first time she walked in to an abortion clinic when she was "bombarded" by the "support" of so-called liberated women... The sad result was, loss, anger, emptiness and a freedom she could never find... She was seeking it, she was wanting it, but it seemed to stay just out of her reach... Thank God Jaine DID find freedom, but it wasn't until she broke away from the clutches of feminists like Sanger and her followers... Watch Mike Wallace's interview with Sanger, and read Janies story... The TRUTH should be obvious... h/t to Patrick Madrid.

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