Thursday, March 19, 2009

Women Deserve BETTER than Abortion!

"Abortion strips women of their dignity, and men of their responsibility to women...." Janie is very blessed with her ministry, and she has touched many hearts... God Bless her! It is wonderful to hear from someone that has been there and can touch BOTH sides of the debate. God has showered her with grace and healing in sharing her own story, and in response she will touch many more... I was so touched by her testimony and I encourage you to check out her website, read her book, listen to her CD's and see about having her come to your parish or pro-life event. In her message, she calls on everyone of us to NOT give up our most powerful weapons, prayers and fasting. Do NOT write these women off, but pray for them. Pray FERVENTLY for them, because our prayers do not go in vain. they are POWERFUL and they work. As she gratefully acknowledges, as radical of a feminist that she was, SOMEONE was praying for her....

Also at our banquet we met and heard the music of Catholic singer-song writer Donna Lee. Another beautiful soul with a powerful message for those hurting after abortion.

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Rita said...

Very well put.