Friday, March 13, 2009

White House Council on Women and Girls...

A thank you to the girls at Defining Beauty for bringing my attention to the newly created White House Council on Women and Girls. Great, right? I mean, we should feel wonderful that women's health and other "issues" are important enough for our president to create our own council, right?... The council is defined as: (comment mine)

"The White House Council on Women and Girls will ensure that agencies
across the federal government, not just a few offices, take into account the
particular needs and concerns of women and girls. " -as long as they are in
line with their agenda....

A look at the list of attendees is enough to send a shiver down my spine...
The short list of attendees that stood out to me were:

United States Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA)
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
United States Representative Tammy Baldwin (D-WI)
Kim Gandy, NOW
Silvia Henriquez, National Latina Reproductive Health Institute
Nancy Keenan, NARAL
Mara Keisling, National Center for Transgender Equality
Ellen Malcolm, Emily's List
Darlene Nipper, Gay and Lesbian Task Force
Laurie Rubiner, Planned Parenthood
Vicki Saporta, National Abortion Federation

Seriously, where are the pro-life women representatives? I mean, if they want what is best for women, and believe that women should have a choice then there should be an option to their agenda right?... So they can make a choice?... In what way does a pro-life option harm women and girls? Why aren't they invited and included in this newly formed "council"?... I'm not fooled... this new council doesn't make me feel better for women's rights at all...


Rita said...

It's a scary world we're living in.

Child of God said...

When do you think they'll get around to establishing a White House Council on Men and Boys?

Obamam is a Sexist Bigot.

Linda said...

Well, I suppose the thought is, if we have Mara Keisling on the 'task force' then boys and men are represented as much as they need to be.
Oh, this is just too much. I can't even joke about it without gagging!