Thursday, July 10, 2008

What Makes This Guy SO Angry?

The latest email alert from Catholic League president Bill Donohue is about a Minnesota Professor responding to Bill Donohue's remarks to a Florida college student taking a consecrated host from a campus Mass in "protest" to student fees for religious services. The host was returned.

However, on his Minnesota campus Blog, Prof. Paul Myers lashes out, not only at Bill Donohue but all Catholics that were offended by this act of sacrilege, and threatens to carry it even further. He "Pledges" to desecrate the Eucharist, encouraging his readers to participate by obtaining a consecrated host and sending it to him, so that he may complete his plan. I really have to wonder about some people that seem to take such pleasure in offending others. What makes him so angry, at what seems specifically, the Catholic Church?... I mean, we are all entitled to our opinions and feelings, but what makes this guy so upset by what happened with a student in Florida, that he feels so compelled to "retaliate" in Minnesota, and ENCOURAGE his readers to help? Me thinks that perhaps he's a former Catholic?... I honestly don't know... But once again, gosh, it seems like it's just so "okay" to offend millions of Catholics by desecrating or encouraging to desecrate the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord, Jesus. I don't imagine that this story will make national head lines anytime soon... Father, forgive them, they know not what they do....


WICatholic said...

I completely missed this story!


God bless!

Leticia said...

My friend over at Vive Christus Rex is taking thousands of vile comments a day for posting on this travesty. Thanks for standing with us against this horrible blasphemy!