Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's So Nice When They Get Along...

For the two week winter break we listened to the cries of "We're bored!" and "There's NOTHING to do!!", "Can we play on the computer?... there's NOTHING else to do!..."

"Well, honey" was the response, "How 'bout you read a book? play a game? Draw a picture?... How 'bout clean your room?"

"THAT'S B O R I N G!!! What can we doooooooo???"

When they weren't whining about nothing to do, they kept busy teasing and fighting one another...

So it went, save for the few outings and activities we did during our break that gave us the opportunity to actually enjoy one another's company.

Now yesterday morning was the first day back to school and I woke to the sounds of sweet SILENCE... not a peep, since all the little angles were still fast asleep in their beds... : ) During the break not one of them slept past 7:30am regardless of what time they went to bed, early or late... here it was close to 9:00! Despite our late start we did manage to get through our school day. This morning's scenario was similar, though they woke up a little earlier, around 8:15 or so, they all were quietly and cooperatively playing a game that the boys had made the previous night with some paper and markers. Imagine that! They CAN be quite ingenious and clever when it comes to such things... The ringer, though was when #1 came in to my room where I was nursing the baby and asked very considerately, "Mom? do you feel okay?..." I responded that as cold as it was I wish I could just curl back up under the covers and go back to sleep. " Oh, well, you can mom, if you don't feel good... I got everything under control... I can feed the kids and take care of them..." lol... ain't he sweet?... : )

suddenly they had all sorts of things to keep them busy... as long as they didn't have to do school... lol... no such luck... "That's okay, son... thank you, but I feel fine..." lol... we managed to get through our second day back to school...

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