Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Veggie Tales

There was a time when I still had my sewing machine out and could actually sew the kids costumes for Halloween... I remember I had so much fun with these... Veggie Tales weren't as well known as they are now... this was October of 1999. I remember when I took them out trick or treating there were some that thought "Larry the Cucumber" was "Gumby"! lol... There were a few that did recognize them from such classics as "Dave and the Giant Pickle".... But, by the time #3 was born and #2 was in FULL MOBILE (crawling, walking, climbing...) mode, the sewing machine had to be put up, along with all the pins, needles and scissors... The last costumes I made were Sponge Bob and Patrick and #3 was a jellyfish, fashioned much like the tomato costume but in pink, with long pink chiffon ribbons hanging down from underneath.... All the costumes now reside in the "costume bucket" where they are all taken out from time to time to play with.

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