Sunday, January 18, 2009

Update: Prayers for Jarrett...

This is the latest from my friend...

My brother (Ron R) said it was "Allevar Rhabdomyosarcoma" Soft Tissue
Cancer. Jarrett is 25 years old. He is wheelchair bound. They
radiated his Right forearm now it is "Jelly" and very painful. The doctors
wanted to remove the arm, but found out the tumors are all over. Including
his spine. I do not know how long he has been given. He is home with
hospice. The family is praying for a miracle. Jarrett's Mom (Carol
R) is having a very hard time dealing with this. She asks "Why
Lord?" I understand Carol says the Rosary constantly. This is very
hard to understand. I cry tears for the family. Ron and Carol have 2
other children. The youngest, Jenna, is a new mother. A 3 month old
Girl, I do not know her name, Ron's phone was paging him so we had to cut it
short. God Bless everyone that is praying for Jarrett and the family!Thank
you! God Bless you all!

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