Monday, May 12, 2008

A Happy "belated" Mother's Day to You All!

I spent my weekend battling the head cold from h-e-double- l. Between being hunched over a pan of boiling water to loosen the gunk in my head, hunched over the sink rinsing the gunk from my head and hunched over the porcelain bowl tossing my cookies, it wasn't much of a day... I didn't even get the chance to make my mom a mother's day card, like I usually do... So, maybe I can take this opportunity where my head seems a little clearer, to pay tribute to the beautiful woman I call "Mom" and let you all know how special she is to me...

I was Mom's "surprise" child. She was 40 years old and her #4 child was 5. "Surprise!" #5 (me) was on her way.... Born just a couple of weeks before Mom's 41st birthday... I'd like to say that I was Mom's most perfect child, but, gosh, it's Mother's Day, and well... Even I can't say that with a straight face... : ] But this I do know... I WAS and still am, the "baby".... With three older sisters that barely let me touch the floor and a big brother that was rumored to have threatened to run away if my parents brought home ANOTHER girl.... I made the perfect "rag doll", "bean bag" and "princess". One of my older sisters just LAUGHS out loud when she hears me tell my older sons "Do YOU LIKE to hear her scream?!" when they are teasing their little sisters...

"You sound JUST like Mom did with us!" She tells me, "We used to look at each other when she'd ask that and wanted to answer, 'well, yes, mom... that's the game..." : ]

Oh, but regardless of the chaos that comes with raising 5 children, Mom was always the glue that calmly held us together through it all... She has taught me so much about being a Mom. Mom was the calm in the storm. Her Faith, unshakable... She made sure, not only did we get to Mass, but also to confessions on a regular basis. Her example was to turn to your Faith in all things, and God will see us through. So devoted to Our Blessed Mother, she taught me that there could be no better example for leading us to and keeping us close to Jesus. She taught me that there was no better example of being a "Mom"... Mom taught us our Faith not only by teaching us our prayers, but more so by her own life's example. I know that because SHE was able to raise 5 kids successfully in her "not so young" years, that there's hope for me!

And to this day, I remain one of her biggest fans... The love of my father's life, he taught us to love and honor and respect her all the days of our lives. I hope and pray that my children will be able to look to me one day as I do my own mother. Though I have to admit, even though Mom is a very small woman, those are some pretty BIG shoes to fill... I love you, Mom! A very Happy, though belated, Mother's Day to you!

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