Monday, May 12, 2008

What Is UP with This Baby?!

Sheesh! #4 is still in our room. She sleeps in her own crib, but it is still in our room. Now, #1 was over a year old before he was sleeping through the night. And that was AFTER I put him in his own room. I chalked it up to my being a new parent and not really knowing what I was doing. When #2 came along I was feeling much more confident in my parenting skills and had him sleeping through after a couple of months. #3? Well, she was DREAM!! She was sleeping through after the first couple of WEEKS! So I figured #4 would be a piece of cake! I was on a roll!! "Not so" said God, from His throne on high... (wah-wah-waaaahhhhh...)

SIGH-- #4, now 20 months old, has only been sleeping through the night consistently for the past couple of months... Suffice it to say, I have been ELATED with the "sleep-through" nights. Well, except for the middle of the night bathroom break that this current pregnancy is causing... (funny, God...) Anyway, for the last TWO nights, #4 seems to think that this sleeping soundly through the night thing is HIGHLY overrated, and has decided that "power sleeping" in short increments through the night, is the way to go... HA! "Not so" says the crabby, sleepy mommy from her comfy bed a few feet away... Unfortunately, #4 has a stubborn streak (hhhmmm... wonder where she gets that?...) and tried several different times, between the hours of 1 and 3am, to stand in her crib, blanket in hand, grunting at me to get up and get her. "Lay down!" was my response, at which point she would fall down, screaming in to her blanket for several minutes before quieting down again for a few minutes before her next attempt. I either fell back to sleep too soundly to hear any further attempts, or she finally gave up... Either way, it was a l o n g night... Pray for me... this has GOT to stop... I am SO tired....

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