Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Duggers Announce #18!

Wow! these people put me to shame! While much of the secular world still wants to cry about over population and saving the earth, the Duggers continue to trust God entirely with their "family planning" and are now expecting their 18th little "blessing"... And the really fantastic thing is that as much as people want to role their eyes at such a large family, the Duggers continue to CONTRIBUTE to society by faith and example, living entirely debt-free, as law abiding, tax paying, environmentally conscious Americans. No welfare, no government assistance. Not only that, but they are raising 17, soon to be 18, new citizens that will help US in the long run.... With so many people concerned with overpopulation, no one stopped to think with so few descendants, who would take care of the elderly when they were no longer able to work?... I guess that's why so many liberals now want to jump on the "euthanasia" band wagon... Can't take care of them, kill 'em... Backward thinking at it's best... No. I think the Duggers got it right... Is there any question that Jim-Bob and Michelle will be taken care of in their retirement years?... May God continue to bless the Duggers and their family! And I thank God for their example in living out God's plan for their life and family! Watch for their new up coming television special on Discovery Health.

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