Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Latest Doctors Appointment

Well, I returned to my doctor yesterday afternoon. My blood pressure had been running okay, between 128-132 over 77-80, so not too bad. But when I went in yesterday, after I signed in I was called across the hallway to the "billing department". Right away, I get a little funny feeling... You see, before I even SAW the doctor I had called our insurance about maternity coverage and was told that I was covered 100% for all maternity costs, minus the $100 deductible. But when I went in for my ultra sound a couple of weeks ago, was told I needed to pay my $80 co-pay before I saw the doctor. Apparently, unbeknownst to me, ultra-sounds are considered "extra" and fall under our 80%/20% category... whatever... thanks for letting me know... But! she told me then, all OTHER appointments with my doctor are included in my 100% coverage. Anyway, I go across the hall to see the billing lady...
And there, she places before me a breakdown of the "projected costs" of my maternity care (around $4400 for a vaginal delivery) and my "estimated" 20% that will be due BEFORE I go for delivery.... whoa!! Wait-a-minute!! So, I told her what my insurance had told me, not once but TWICE, over the phone, plus what the billing lady told me a couple of weeks ago when I went to have the ultra sound. So, she calls the insurance who does some checking and comes back to say that "yes" I'm covered 100% for "in-patient care"... okay, I said... what does that mean?... She explains that THAT means that I am covered 100% when I am IN THE HOSPITAL having the baby.... *BUZZ!!* --wrong answer, try again... So, she returns to the insurance people who do some more checking. A few minutes later she returns again and tells me, yes, I was right... I AM covered 100% for all maternity costs, EXCEPT ultra-sounds, which are considered "extra"... whatever... She then nonchalantly tosses the bill she had before me in the scrap box next to her desk and tells me "thank you. you can go : ) "
Great, lady, I'm thinkin'.... I already have blood pressure issues and NOW you want to send me back across the hall to see my doctor and have my blood pressure taken.... great... thanks... *sigh*... My BP turned out to be 140/78, but the nurse and doctor had a nice little chuckle when I told them what had happened only a few minutes earlier... I wonder how many more times I will have this happen?....
The rest of the appointment went pretty standard. It turns out that the finger prick test that I took along with the ultra sound came back with some "out of range" numbers, or something and that, basically, means that, combined with my age, puts me at an even higher risk for having a Downs baby... a 20% chance is what I was told... My doctor remains hopeful and optimistic, assuring me that my chances of having a healthy baby is still very good. The only way to diagnose "for sure" would be to have an amnio, but he felt that the risk was too high. If the baby is fine, I risk possibly miscarrying, due to the invasiveness of the amnio... and a definitive diagnosis wouldn't make a difference to us anyway. It wouldn't change whether or not we chose to have this baby... so... We continue to pray and trust in God's plan for our family... Not always easy, but we are confident that He won't hand us anything that we can't handle with His Love and Grace.
At his recommendation we will have another ultra sound July 3rd to check again on the baby's progress, and check all measurements, etc... He said that a lot more can be told by then, so that is what we will do... Any and all prayers offered for us and our baby are appreciated. God Bless!

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charakan said...

It was interesting to read your blog.I am from India and an Internist Doc.Yes it is true that medical establishments themselves raise the BP of many patients and it is always better to record it when you are relaxed and resting for a few minutes All the best for your new venture of expanding your family.