Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our Newest Addition...

Well, here he/she is... I finally got around to scanning the one picture I got from my first tri-mester ultra sound last week... Recommended by my doctor because of my, ahem, "age".... You can see the baby laying on his/her side with the little legs crossed at one end and the head at the other. Only about 3 inches long... just fascinates me... Anyway, everything checked out fine. I met with the specialist and I am about 14 weeks, now, so, God willing, everything going as planned, perhaps I'll be ripe by the end of October. Sorry, kids, I'm busy for Halloween! : ) (I haven't told them yet...)
Measurements and everything checked out fine. The one picture I WISH that I could have gotten was when the baby raised it's little arm and you could see the hand and each little finger, almost waving at me! and, of course, I could see the heart beat... I tell ya, even the plain old 2-D ultra sounds never cease to amaze me... I will go back at about 20 weeks for another check, and the specialist also recommends the AFP screening test, because, again, of my, ahem, "age"... I don't know, though. I was already set to decline it. I haven't had one for the last two babies, because I have heard of "false positive" readings, and it's not like it will change my mind about having the baby, anyway. The doctors like it so that we can be prepared, "just in case", but part of me thinks I don't need anything more to worry about right now... and if I get a false positive reading, well... I don't know... Anyway, any stories anyone would like to share?... I go back for a regular appointment with my doctor next Friday.

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