Friday, May 30, 2008

Schooooools Out for Summer!

We are "officially" done with our school year... Yea! Okay, technically, we will continue with some math, reading and writing through the summer, but the pressure is off for this school year... this last week wasn't easy. We have dealt with the "battle of the barf" all week, starting with the oldest, last Saturday morning, the baby on Sunday-Monday, #2 on Tuesday, #3 all night long on Tuesday-Wednesday, Hubby came home Wednesday evening and tossed his cookies, and the baby, again, early Thursday morning and in the middle of the night last night... I have seen enough of my children's insides to last a lifetime, seriously.... No one is eating today... if I can help it... and me? well, at this point in pregnancy I am pretty much pukey ALL of the time, so I really couldn't tell what is normal, and what might be flu, at this point...

I could deal MUCH better if they were sick during the day when I'm awake and can take care of them, but in the middle of the night, when I'm half asleep... it ain't pretty... My mother, God BLESS her!! had mercy on us yesterday and came and took ALL of the laundry home to her house to wash for me... 'course, now I have to re-wash what the baby projectiled on last night... I hope every one's done for good, this time... Please say a prayer for us, and for our health. We meet with our resource teacher this afternoon to turn in our work and all of our books, etc... and I'd really like to get to confessions this weekend... it's been WAY too long... Thanks!

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