Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Final Three...

Well, here it is. With Jason Castro gone, American Idol is down to the final three. I have been saying for several weeks, now that it would come down to the two Davids (Cook and Archuleta). So, is there anyone that thinks that Syeshia will stay in for the final two? I like the girl. I think she's cute as a bug and sings nice. But she has been on the "chopping block" more than any other contestant, I think... Heck, I was sure that Brooke White was gonna move on but Syeshia somehow managed to hang in! Anyway, I guess we'll see how tonight goes... As for the boys, I like them both, but I think that David Cook has a bit of an edge. He just seems more mature and perhaps a little better prepared to handle the "fan-damonium" than David A. David A has a great voice... I've loved him from the start. But he always seems, almost scared, before and after his performances... Bless his little heart! Either way, I know they will each have fantastic careers ahead of them! As anyone that's watched Idol as I have, knows, you don't necessarily have to be the "winner" to get the top 10 record deals... Can you say "Daughtrey"?...

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