Monday, September 15, 2008

I Can be a HORRIBLE Tease... : )

I admit it... and because I'm around my kids all the time, they are often the unsuspecting "victims" of my sarcasm and teasing... : ] Just today my daughter (#3)went in to the kitchen to find something to eat for lunch...

"mom, can I have a girl-cheese?"

"Why would you want a girl cheese? What's girl-cheese?... Is that different from boy cheese?..."

"I just want a girl cheese samwich! Can I have one?..."

"Well, I don't think we have any girl-cheese, would you settle for some boy cheese?"

"Yeah, I guess so... I'll have a boy-cheese samwich..."

By this time the the older boys are rolling on the floor laughing. "It's GRILL cheese!"

A smile lights #3's face.. NOW she gets the joke... : ) and I think she was RELIEVED that she wouldn't have to endure a "boy" cheese "samwich"... I don't think she was looking too forward to that, anyway....

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