Friday, September 5, 2008

Wow... It's ABOUT Time...

Well, I believe that Archbishop George H. Niederauer is relatively new to the San Francisco area, but in Nancy Pelosi's continual defiance of Church teaching, thankfully, he stood all he could stand and has requested to meet with her. This from the desk of Catholic League president Bill Donahue:

“San Francisco Archbishop Niederauer did not force this issue on Nancy
Pelosi—she forced it on him. His article is a cogent account of what the bishops
expect from Catholics in public life, spelling out in great detail how the
process works when dissidents like Pelosi continue in their obstinacy. The
Church regards abortion to be ‘intrinsically evil.’

“Four years ago, another Catholic dissident on this subject, New Jersey
Gov. James McGreevey, did the right thing by announcing that he would abide by
the Church’s strictures and no longer present himself for Communion. That is
exactly what Pelosi should have done. Instead, she chose to defy the teachings
of the Catholic Church, misrepresent them in public and continue to insist that
she is right. Thus has she beckoned her bishop to act. The ball is in her court."

I really have no idea, but wonder, is Dem. VP nominee Biden still presenting himself for communion?... Or is he just going to remain silently sneaking "under the radar" for now?...

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