Monday, September 1, 2008

Wormy's Cousin from the North!

My sister and fellow homeschooling mom that lives about 4-5 hours North of here, has two boys the same ages as my #1 and #2. She saw my blog over the weekend and wrote to tell me that HER boys had found a pillar of their own! My boys are just so excited that their cousins found one like them and I thought is was a wonderful coincidence! The two pillars are quite similar but still different in their color markings. Both are supposed to "morph" into hummingbird moths... : ) According to what my sis was able to find, these worms can sometimes hibernate through the cold season and wait until spring to emerge. Her boys, as well as mine, are hoping that summer weather will hold out long enough for these guys to come out sooner rather than later! Time will tell!

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