Friday, September 19, 2008

It's a Moth! ; )

So I got an email from my sister from "The North" informing me that their "pillar" had made it's "mothly"appearance this morning and was ready to take flight for greener pastures (see above pictures) : ) It reminded me of our own pillar that I had forgotten to check on yesterday and low and behold, when I did, It's a Moth!! The kids quickly wanted to "keep it" for a pet... But we had to tell them that this is a wild creature not meant to be "kept". They can watch it in it's bug jar for the rest of the day and we will let it go this evening after daddy gets home. It was hard for me to get a good in focus picture (I'm still learning to use this camera...) but, you get the idea. It's cool to look at, and I'm guessing they MUST grow larger, because we have seen these moths MUCH larger than this. During the summer when we catch them resting under our porch lights we refer to them as "B-52" moths : ) Our moth pictures are at the bottom.

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