Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sad Days Ahead for our Chicken Farm...

So we started with a bakers dozen and lost a couple by pecking order... and then there were 11... 5 of them were barred rock. My sister wanted 2, so the boys happily gave her 2 to add to her flock... turns out one of those was a rooster... oops... and then there were nine... not long after we began to hear what sounds like "crowing" at the early morning hours... hhhhmmmm... which one is it?... another week or two goes by and we hear another crow, different from the first... uh-oh... Before long we are beginning to wonder, "Just HOW MANY Roosters do we have??"

Here we thought we had gotten so "lucky" picking chicks from the $.89/a piece box (which means there are no guarantees of gender or 'flavor' : ] ). We were sure that they were ALL hens... my sister said they had done this several times and NEVER got a rooster until they started having baby chicks of their own after they got a rooster from my OTHER sister... But, upon closer inspection we discover that there are not one, not two, not three, but FOUR roosters in the hen house... which would explain why we haven't gotten any eggs from the poor 5 little hens we have left... sheesh... and NOW, with each child having his or her favorite they find themselves struggling over which they have to give up... we make terrible farmers... I know it's gonna be tough for them to let go, but daddy is currently trying to convince them that if they get rid of three of the four, then hopefully they will have babies of their own... that might do the trick... anyone need a rooster?

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