Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter and Birthdays! Birthdays and MORE Birthdays!

A Happy and Holy Easter to you all! We had a wonderful Easter here in our home and am anxious to share more, but will have to wait until later this afternoon!

March is the month for birthdays in my family! over the weekend my second oldest nephew, new husband and soon to be dad, Matt-Monster had a Birthday. So, Happy Birthday, Matt!

My brother also had his birthday Holy Saturday. This year he got to have mom spend it with him, so I'm sure that was a nice change. He was always the "favorite" anyway, being the only boy! ; ) Happy Birthday, Bro!

And my Beautiful oldest sister gets to share her birthday, today, with our Lady's feast of the Annunciation... How COOL is THAT??!! So, Happy Birthday, Sis!

Love you all and remember and pray for you always! Especially on your special days!

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