Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Okay, no lions and tigers, but we did see bears, some foxes and coyotes and a couple of bob cats! Not to mention some eagles, owls, snakes, lizards, some tortoises and a road runner! My husband decided to take the week before Easter off, so we took advantage of having him home to get some things done around the house and then spent a couple of days packing a lunch and making some local day trips with the kids. We have been blessed with some beautiful Spring time weather, despite the havoc it has wreaked on our allergies!

The weekend was simple and somber for the occasion, including our traditional viewing of the Passion of the Christ on Good Friday, and we managed to get to Easter morning Mass early enough to sit in our regular area, which was nice. Nicer still, was to see my sister and her husband and son sitting a couple of rows in front of us, as my bil has been battling cancer and with his chemo treatments, I wasn't sure that his immunity would be strong enough to allow him to attend. Praise God in His goodness that he WAS there and it was really good to see him fighting the good fight! : )

So, after Mass we headed home for a simple day of just us : ) My older sister and her daughter dropped by later in the day for a visit and then we spent a quiet evening after dinner watching Stephen Ray's series (The Footprints of God) Apostolic Fathers - Handing on the Faith .

Such a Holy and Blessed week/weekend we had! I hope that yours was, as well! After an extra day off for my hubby, he went back to work today, and we got back to the books (you could probably hear my kids groans from where you are!) Now, it seems with the nice Spring weather, their minds turn to all things outdoors, and the pace will start to pick up to a nice gallop to the end of the school year, which will be here before we know it (the end of May). Not that it means much to us, as we continue to do "school stuff" pretty much throughout the year (Did you just hear those groans again...?) I'm not ALL mean, though.... I try to disguise the school work as something "fun" during the summer months... Oh... and that was my oldest son (11) that just said, "Yeah, right...." ; )

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