Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I Am An American Idol Addict

There. I said it... I think it stems back to my younger days of belting out song after song in the privacey of my room. If my hairbrush could talk, it would rat me out to the musical likings of Carol King, Carley Simon, Bread, Jim Croce, Kansas, Fleetwood Mac, and of course Barry Mannilow... : ) or maybe it started even a little further back to the days of cleaning house with my sisters to the songs of the Lennon Sisters (There's a kind of hush... all over the world, tonight...) and Sing-Along-with Mitch... Curse you, Lawrence Welk! lol!! Not really! I have very fond memories of watching LW on Saturday evenings with my family. and well, Dad always had every room wired for sound... All we had to do is stack the albums and dust while we doo wopped! ; )

ANYWAY!! With the exception of Season 3 (Is that the year Fantasia won?) I have watched American Idol devotedly every year. Not sure why I missed Season 3, but for whatever, I did... Two years ago I was a fan favorite of Taylor Hicks (even though Simon didn't like him, initially...) maybe it was his premature white hair, like my husbands... : ) Last year, I don't know that I had ONE favorite, but I thought an awful lot of Jordan Sparks, the girl that won, but I also REALLY liked Melinda Doolittle (second runner up) and Blake Lewis (first runner up... Now, this year, it's GOT to be 16 year old David Archuleta. This kid is AMAZING! He seems so genuine, so humble and MAN! The kid has some pipes!! What's even MORE amazing is, from his initial audition it was let out that he had suffered from some vocal chord paralysis! Apparently he's recovered, none the worse for wear... Don't get me wrong, the talent on this show seems to get stronger every year, There are a couple of other guys and a couple of girls that I like, but this kid REALLY stands out... He gets my vote, hands down... This here is a performance that looks like took place at a home Christmas party of sorts, but it has the innocence and purity of his voice, singing my all time favorite carol... enjoy... and try and catch him on AI next Tuesday night on FOX... you won't be sorry...


The Troll said...

"The Catholic Church is a great abomination and we must put an end to their infiltration of this blessed land".

Joe Smith. Founder of Mormonism and Archaletta's personal hero.

Lee said...

Just because I like the kid and think he is talented, doesn't mean I agree with his religious beliefs. Is he Mormon? I don't know. Haven't heard. Don't really care. What's that got to do with his talent? Are we not all made in the image of God? I believe his name is spelled Archuleta, and my guess is that he was Italian and possibly Catholic, but what do I know?... I've met plenty of Mormons that haven't clue one about what their faith teaches, just like I've met plenty of Catholics with the same problem. I just like the way he sings... Thanks for coming by! God Bless!