Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Fr. John!

Fr. John... Father of twelve, Fr. to many... You see, Fr. John was a permanent deacon for over 20 years, married to his beloved wife Grace, who he speaks of often. Together they raised 12 children. Grace succumbed to illness and Fr. was left a widower. It wasn't long before he was asked by his Bishop to consider ordination to the priesthood. So, "technically" he is a "baby Priest", ordained only a short 5 years ago. But Oh! The blessing of wisdom and insight he has been to this daughter, wife and mom!

We went to Mass this morning for the intention of my brother in law, currently going through cancer treatment (chemo and radiation) when we learned after Mass that it was Fr.'s birthday. 83 years young. Fr. has his own illnesses that he has been dealing with, but he has so graciously taken over much of our parish's needs as our own Pastor has been out on sick leave for a few months now. God Bless him! My bil is relatively young (not yet 60). But hearing the words "Cancer" can tend to make one feel old fairly quickly. Nonetheless, Fr. John shows us that regardless of our state in life, when we offer it all up to God, He will give us infinate blessing.

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