Thursday, March 20, 2008

HSLDA's Latest Information Re: Keeping Homeschooling Legal in California

This was taken from the HSDLA website...

Depublishing the Court of Appeal Ruling
regarding In re Rachel L.
The effort to overturn the ruling in
California, which says that parents must have teaching credentials before they
can educate their own children, has several aspects.
One of the legal options
available is to petition the California Supreme Court to “depublish” the
opinion. If the Supreme Court agrees to depublish then this case, which has
caused so much concern for homeschooling families, will be resolved because it
could not be cited as precedent by other courts in California.

To this end we asked homeschoolers, and other
concerned citizens, to sign a petition calling on the California Supreme Court
to depublish the opinion. The response has been remarkable. In just 10 days over
250,000 people have signed. HSLDA is deeply grateful for your support.
As we
promised, if this case goes to the California Supreme Court, we will submit the
number of California residents who signed the petition.

But the petition also served another purpose.
Numerous media outlets across the country have written opinion editorials and
articles supporting a parent’s right to homeschool their children. Hundreds of
radio shows, as well as network TV and cable news outlets, have also weighed in
with reports that have been favorable to homeschoolers.

At this time we believe the petition has served its
purpose and we do not need to collect more signatures. The message you sent is
clear and we thank you again for showing your support for homeschoolers. The
battle is not over, and we will keep you informed as the process unfolds.
Again, thank you for your support.

God is good! We give thanks for this small victory, for now!

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