Thursday, March 20, 2008

Idol Gives Back

Okay, as mentioned in an earlier post a couple of weeks ago, I am a BIG American Idol fan. On last nights results show they were advertising their up coming "Idol Gives Back" campaign, where they raise millions of dollars in order to provide for the thousands of lives that die every day in Africa, due to malaria. 3000 lives per day, is the number they gave. If you do the math, that is 1,095,000 people a year die from malaria. An illness that they have no choice of getting or not... During last years campaign drive they managed to raise $78 million, and provide over 8 million nets to people throughout Africa to protect them from the disease carrying mosquito's.

This just amazed me. Not that trying to help protect the people of Africa from fatal illness isn't a good thing, but I just thought of the MILLIONS of babies that are killed EVERYDAY in the womb (closing in on 49 million babies since 1973). Again, doing the math, that's 1,400,000 babies per year, (305,000 more ) that are killed by choice. And I can't help but think additionally, that statistically, minority babies (black or Hispanic babies) are killed MORE often than any other race.... How many stars are willing to stand up and raise money for the "cause" to "save" these lives?... There are a few that DO stand and claim to be pro-life (Patricia Heaton of Everybody Loves Raymond fame, comes to mind), but the majority will either stand for "choice" aka, abortion, or remain without comment.... $78 million could help a lot of young mothers get a start in getting the medical care, counseling and support they need to encourage them to give their unborn children a chance at life. $78 million could help some of these children get adopted in to loving homes.... I guess it's just not as "politically correct" to stand for the weakest of the weak...

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