Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Planned Parenthood's Plan for Racial "Cleansing"

No matter how often I have heard about it, it never ceases to leave me floored... In this day and age of technology, how can there STILL be people out there that can call a baby nothing but a "blog of cells"... And how can sound minded people WORK for this organization?? Let alone PROMOTE it and accept "donations" full well KNOWING what the money is used for?? It just boggles the mind...

Rebecca, from Catholic in Film School alerted me to this peace of film by a woman named Lila Rose. I'll let Rebecca introduce you:

"Lila and her UCLA posse publish the LA Advocate, a quarterly pro-life magazine infamous for sticking it to Planned Parenthood.
The latest issue investigates racism at PP, specifically with its ties to the black community.

I’ve been writing about Planned Parenthood and it’s racism origins for some time now in my news column in San Diego not only to stir up the black community but to tell the truth as well. Lila Rose has taken it to another level, and took a camera with her: "

Thanks, Rebecca, and Lila Rose for the insight. It's so exciting to see more young people standing up for the literally MILLIONS of their peers that have fallen victim to the scourge of abortion. Keep fighting the good fight! God Bless your efforts!

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