Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ANRTL Reveals Record Breaking Sign

Apparently, they chose a location near Lookout Mountain that would be easily seen by all of the DNC attendees to view their record breaking protest sign. First revealing the giant yellow letters vertically "D - N - C", and then revealing the rest of the letters built off of the original three. According to the American Right to Life:

Guinness assigned American Right To Life an official world record attempt
number: 228132. The protest sign weighs more than 2,700 pounds and was sewed
together with more than four miles of seams connecting 2,400 sheets and backpacked
onto location and unfurled by 44 letter carriers with spotters a mile away to
ensure proper letter placement. ARTL commits to removing the DNC Sheets Of Shame and
leaving the area cleaner than it had been.

In the way that God ALWAYS brings good from evil, you have to admit that He has done a wonderful job with this election... As scary and frustrating as it has been, it has definitely succeeded in bring the Right to LIFE to the forefront, again... And it's nice to see more and more Christian Soldiers stepping up to do battle... This sign is really cool....

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