Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nastia Got Robbed!!

Did you see the uneven bar competition last night? Oh! I was SO tired but couldn't turn it off until I had seen the end (about 11:30pm). Okay, the He Kexin girl is cute and she's pretty good, but I didn't think she was BETTER than Nastia... and I was happy when Nastia tied, but was completely FLOORED when I saw that she STILL took second place!!??
It wasn't until AFTER the fact that the "tie breaker" system was explained, and pardon me, it was late and i was tired, but if I understood it right, that was just really wrong... The judges scores went up - tie for He Kexin and Nastia. So, the system takes the high and low scores off the chart and re-tally's. Still a tie, so the NEXT step was to remove the low score off of each and re-tally again. He-Kexin's low score was 8.9, and Nastia's low score was a 9.0. Nastia lost a BIGGER score!! She lost because she had a BETTER score to lose?? If someone saw it different or if I got this wrong, please enlighten me...

Poor Nastia... She is such a beautiful girl and is just poetry in motion on those bars... She really deserved that gold. According to the commentator (and i really don't know who HE was, but apparently has some kind of gymnast back ground...) felt that Nastia was better than He Kexin over all, anyway and there shouldn't have been reason for a tie-breaker in the first place... God has His reason's I guess... Hopefully Nastia will get her chance for that next gold tonight on the balance beam! It will be another late night for me!

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