Saturday, August 2, 2008

She Said "Banana"!!

Okay, well, it was more like "blamalamma", but it was SOMETHING!! : )
This baby will be 2 in September and the extent of her vocabulary has been stuck at "mama" , "dada", "ha" (with a wave of her hand, for hello, or when she answers the phone...) and the rest of her communication skills consists of hand gestures, whines, grunts, tantrums, and moans.... not necessarily crabby moaning. She'll carry on an entire conversation moaning her tones up and down and waving her arms... but to try and get her to put her lips together to make a /p/, /b/, /g/ or /n/ or any other consonant sound has been unsuccessful. I figured out awhile back that she really hasn't needed to talk. She has 3 older siblings that will jump to/for her at just about every little need she has. ANYTHING to get her to be quiet! lol!! The sad result is, is that she doesn't talk... I have friends with babies younger than mine that have entire conversations!! They know abc's and numbers and colors... and i seem to recall my other 3 spoke at about the same age/rate... Heck! my 6 year old started talking early and is in constant competition for the the most words spoken in a single day!! But not this stubborn one of mine... even simple things like holding up her drink cup and asking her "drink?" or "juice?" or "milk?" will bring on the most dramatic meltdown moment you will ever witness... Heaven forbid I EXPECT her to mimic "juice" back to me before I hand it to her....
So! I was both shocked AND elated when she brought me the banana's and I opened and cut one up for her, handing her the dish back saying my usual "banana", mostly just for my own amusement, and to let her know what they are called in case she ever wanted to ask for one by name, and she took the dish and said back "blamlala..." as she walked away... : ) made my day...

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Anonymous said...

What an accomplishment! Just wait, it will all start rolling off her tongue soon enough.
My son didn't start talking until after he turned two.
Now he's five and he never shuts up.
Thanks to speech therapy he really came a long way last year.
Have faith, she's probably just not ready to chat it up quite yet. But don't overlook getting her into speech once she is two or three. It can really help a great deal.