Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Visit with Sr. CM...

Well, we had dinner at my sisters last night and a nice visit with Sr. Catherine Marie... all too short, and wishing we had more time... but as it goes, when you only get home to visit every 2 to 3 years, EVERYBODY wants a chance to see and visit with you! It was SO GOOD to see her, again! She is as beautiful and vibrant as all the pictures and letters have indicated... She spoke very excitedly about all the new people she met on her trip home. No doubt she turned more than a few heads... : ) At least in THESE parts, a nun in FULL habit is a rarity... she was laughing about all the questions and comments people make. Everything from what she wears to what she eats and why... and how one couple on one of her connecting flights made their relief clear as they borded and saw her seated... "Look, honey! See who's flying with us? Nothing to worry about!" : D

I'm hoping that I will get at least one more chance to stop and visit before she returns to Michigan. It will be another 3 years before she returns home... :( During that time, though, she will be busy with finishing school and her teaching degree, and then student teaching. The Sisters have 2 local elementary schools (K-8) that they teach at, and are in the process of building a highschool that they hope to be opening in the Fall of 2009. She told me that she doesn't have a preference right now as to what grade she teaches, though she likes things about both age groups. She commented that for the "sake of the elementary kids education" she should maybe teach highschool, as she tends to feed off of the younger kids energy and would be happy to teach PE and recess all day long! lol!! So, time will tell... she told me that after she has completed her degree, the door is open as to where they may send her... She may stay close to the convent in Michigan, or they have 4 other mission schools in California, Florida, South Carolina and Arizona, right now, with possibilities of opening more in Texas and/or Wyoming.. Lucky them! : )

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