Friday, August 29, 2008

FINALLY!! Something GOOD to Report from THIS Election!!

So, I got back from my 3 hour glucose test this morning just before my husband wandered in for lunch. Having pretty much JUST walked in myself, and checking in with what the kids had gotten done while I was gone I hadn't done much else when he asks, "Did you hear who 'your buddy' picked for a running mate?"...

"No. I just walked in... I heard that Romney and Lieberman were out... I didn't think he was going to announce until this weekend..." as I continued picking stuff up off the floor...

when he hesitated I stopped what I was doing and looked up at him... He TRIED to keep a straight face, "Al Gore..."

"very funny..." and I gave him 'the look' and went back to what I was doing...

Laughing he then didn't even get out "Alaska Gover..."

"YOU ARE KIDDING ME!!! I can't believe he had the guts to choose who I would have chosen!! OMYGOODNESS!!"

I had heard McCain say that he would choose a pro-life running mate but I was completely shocked with this one!! I am COMPLETELY ecstatic! I learned of Sarah Palin last Spring when I first read about her giving birth to their fifth son, who happens to have Downs. She had such a beautiful testament about the value of life and family, I was truly touched. She, for me, is TRULY a STRONG woman in EVERY sense of the word, including femininity, unlike Hillary... Strong, independent, convicted, yet loving, LIFE GIVING.... She's a mom... I can TOTALLY relate! : )

It is my opinion that this choice by McCain will either be a BRILLIANT victory, or basically bury him... God Bless him, though, because he made the RIGHT choice... He went all out there and did the right thing in choosing her... Now it is up to our Nation to choose if they want to continue on in this "culture of death" or TRULY make a "change" MUCH UNLIKE the "changes" that the "Obama-mites" are chanting about... This election is turning out to be better than I had anticipated... I'm actually a little excited about it now... : )

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