Thursday, August 7, 2008

Preparing for Back to School...

So, I'm one of those people that gets focused on the task at hand and doesn't like to stop until it's d-o-n-e, done. Instead of starting my lesson planning at the beginning of the week, like was my plan, I spent it "preparing" to do my lesson planning. I've been going through my school cabinet, sorting through, cleaning out and organizing. Cleaning off the school desks, etc... FINALLY, this morning, I was able to start the actual planning. I have managed to write out the first 16 weeks of my son's Catechism, Reading, Writing and English lessons! I'm SO proud of myself!! Those subjects are the hardest for me to organize and get straight, and it usually takes me a bit to get the "rhythm" of the books and lessons that are handed to me from our resource teacher, so I feel pretty accomplished, now. I'd like to just continue, but I think tomorrow i will work on his lessons for Math, History and Science for those same first 16 weeks... I wanted to do my oldest son's lessons first, because this is his first year of "junior high" and so, a little more difficult, and I don't want him getting behind, especially during my "down time"...

The best part is, when I was skimming through the new math book I got for him (which I was really kinda worried about... pre-algerbra... yuck!!) It came with a tutoring CD with interactive learning guides, activities and other cool things to help him (and maybe me!) get the concepts better! Cool!! so, I'm a little less worried, now... : )

After I get a good head start on #1's lessons, then I will start on the other two, for 1st and 4th grades. I still feel pretty competent in those grade levels, so I'm not too worried, yet! lol!! And those lessons should be a little more easy to plan out.

As I watch my stomach continue to pop forward, I find myself "nesting" in preparation more and more. After the lesson planning, I still need to get a start on the girls room, so that I can get #4 out of my room and sleeping in a room with her sissy, in order to make room for #5. But I still have PLENTY of time, right? lol! Sure!! : )

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